Splashing The Cash On Things We Have Missed

Splashing The Cash On Things We Have Missed
22 Aug 2020

Since the lockdown began, a new normal has arisen. Think about where we were in December, the hopes and wishes we had for the incoming new year. It was full of optimism and people was planning their new birth for the future. And here we are now, multiple months onward and the world has ground to a halt. It’s quite incredible actually, just how much our lives have changed. All the things that we wanted to do, have been put on hold. Until now of course. As the lockdown lifts, we will want to enjoy life once again. We will want to spend our hard-earned cash and we deserve to!

Holiday like you mean it

Have you noticed how when even the smallest and perhaps insignificant leisure area opens up, and people flock to it like Mecca? Open up the coast and the beaches, and you will see hundreds of thousands of people, all lining up to claim a place to sunbathe and lounge. But, you should go on holiday as you mean it!

These are some luxury hotel deals that have been specifically designed for a post-COVID world.

• Rosewood, Hong Kong. This 5-star hotel is offering $130 in dining credit, $100 in spa credit and a $65 shopping voucher.
• Four Seasons Resort Langkawi. Another 5-star hotel offers you 40% savings if you book now. Some rooms start at $340, where previously they started so much higher.
Capella, Singapore. A 5-star splendour, they offer guests 20% off food and beverage. A secluded location, this is great for those that want privacy and luxury.

A new family car

Several industries have been hit hard by the pandemic. Many have found ways to adapt but let’s face it, the car industry has become a basket case. Which is all the more reason why you can take this opportunity to buy a new or used car. Take a look at certain car dealerships that have some awesome sales and discounts on. A brand new Hyundai Santa Fe is just $28,995 right now! A Kia Forte is just $17,995! Speak with the dealer and see what kind of offer you can get for yourself. A brand new family car could be used for a road trip, long commutes to work, going to the seaside on the weekend or perhaps just your school runner. You can expect these prices to rise once we’re truly back to normal, so now is your chance!

Luxury brands

Designer clothing brands are trying their best to get rid of their wares and this is a great buying opportunity. Every brand from Gucci to Hugo Boss is trying to sell their products at incredibly low prices, in time for their new inventory for the fall. The latter is having a 50% off sale right now! Prada is having a 60% sale and in some wholesale stores, Armani is having 70% sales.

What a great time to spend money, where you can stretch every dollar. Consider buying a new family car now, while the prices are so low.

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