Ski Trip Essentials for Men and Women

Ski Trip Essentials for Men and Women
17 Dec 2019

Ski adventures are fun and can be the highlight of the year for a family trip, group reunion, or a solo escapade. A lot of luggage goes into it, as you need many things if you want to hit the slopes. Make sure you don’t forget these easily overlooked essentials:

Packing List

While it may be obvious to you what exactly you need for the trip, making a list may highlight some items that turn out to be lacking, as well as those you realize you don’t really need. Doing this before the trip can save you a lot of stress.

Your packing list will not only help you itemize and plan out your usage of items; it will also allow you to keep track of your things throughout the trip so that you won’t have any missing gear. Having an easy and complete reference on hand is always a good idea.

A packing list can also make the packing and unpacking process smoother if you categorize your items properly.

Base Layers

Of course, you need your basic layers (before piling on anything else) to stay warm and eventually lounge around in the lodge. However, many people don’t choose clothing that perfectly balances all needs for a ski outfit. Choose fabrics that suit your needs while still being breathable and good for the movement. You can still play around with your own style and match your gear with how adventurous you are.

The options out there, including white ski pants from Bogner and other brands, have a more stretchy triple-layer system for those who want comfort but plan on braving the elements more with a sleeker fit. Other fabrics can also be tighter or looser, but the textiles used can determine whether you are more suited to rest by the fire or ready to zoom through the ski zones.

For your ski trip, you’ll want to make sure the fabric of your gear is airy in the sense that your skin can breathe but not to the point where you’ll be getting cold. Though it may be tempting to choose thick base layers, it could be wiser to choose skin-hugging textiles that were built with fibers and even some synthetic materials that will help your body produce heat.

Necessities Kit

Though inclusive of all the important parts of an emergency first-aid kit, this also includes all the items you might suddenly need that aren’t always easily available. Think nail clippers, extra toiletries, a spare travel adaptor, and bags for wet clothes or other waste. Consider the type of people you will be going on a trip with and see what things they may have a sudden need for.

Even a good comforting snack that might not be at the local shop can be a good addition to the necessities kit. If you’re going the extra mile, you could even bring an extra phone for emergencies or spare change.

Sliding and gliding down the slopes can be a lot of fun, especially when you’ve got all these essentials ready in your bag and you’re worry-free. Just make sure you don’t bring too many items; just pack the essentials.

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