5 Places to go Shopping while in Copenhagen Denmark

5 Places to go Shopping while in Copenhagen Denmark
31 Jul 2020

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The city of Copenhagen is full of good places to shop. From luxury clothing stores to more affordable fashion chains, as well as other items such as pieces of furniture and unmistakable Scandinavian design, there are plenty of shopping options in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen street

Ideal Locations for Shopping in Copenhagen

Here are some of our favourites:


Possibly the best-known department store in Denmark, ILLUM is an exquisite space where you can buy clothes, beauty products, home décor and design pieces. Some of the brands present in the space are ACNE, Paul Smith, Armani and Won Hundred, among others. Take a jump to the rooftop, where there are several restaurants and bars, and enjoy the break to enjoy a good steak, pizza, seafood or pasta with great views of the city.

ILLUM is easy to reach as it is right in the center of the city, between the pedestrian streets Stroget and Kobmagergade.

Magasin du Nord

The origins of the department store chain Magasin du Nord date back to the 19th century. Shortly thereafter, growth has led to the move to the impressive facilities of the old Hôtel du Nord, next to the Kogens Nytorv square, in the heart of the city, where it still stands today.

At Magasin du Nord you will find just about everything you need: clothing, home furnishings and accessories, beauty and hygiene products, books, toys, kitchen accessories and even groceries. There is no shortage of options, with the convenience of finding everything in the same place.

Copenhagen river

HAY House

Danish design is internationally renowned and we could not fail to recommend design spaces for shopping in Copenhagen. The Hay House is responsible for creating pieces of contemporary furniture and product design attentive to modern life. Here you will find functional pieces of furniture, simple and modern, as well as articles with a less conventional design.

There is also a range of accessories full of personality, with cushions, towels, wall clocks and vases, among other items. The shop is in the center of the city on Ostergade street, a pedestrian area with numerous shopping venues in Copenhagen.

Carmen Copenhagen

Also dedicated to the vintage pieces, Carmen Copenhagen is located in Larsbjornssstræde, an area that already has many stores of its kind, making it a great option for shopping in Copenhagen.

At Carmen Copenhagen you will find men’s and women’s garments, highlighting pieces from the 70’s and 80’s. There are plenty of fur coats, shirts, dresses, shoes and accessories such as wallets, hats and jewelery. The vintage stamp makes many of these pieces not cheap, but with some luck and if you look good you will find some bargains.

Roxy Klassik

If you are passionate about design but have a crush on vintage pieces then you have to visit Roxy Klassik . You can wander through space, since the shop functions as a great showroom, with all the pieces exposed. You will find lighting products, ceramics, furniture, carpets and other items all with Scandinavian design, and all from different decades of the twentieth century.

Copenhagen little mermaid

Visit Copenhagen!

If you are traveling to Copenhagen, be sure to check out these shops. After shopping, here are some great tourist spots you can take in to enjoy all that is Copenhagen:

• Christiansborg Palace
• Frederikskirke
• Rosenborg Castle
• Carlsberg Glyptotek Museum
• Little Mermaid
• National Museum
• Amalienborg Palace
• National Gallery of Denmark
• Round Tower

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