The Secrets to An Amicable Split That Will Benefit Your Kids

The Secrets to An Amicable Split That Will Benefit Your Kids
29 Aug 2022

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As much as you want your relationship to last forever, this is not always possible. Throughout the years, people change, their priorities shift and they may wonder what else is out there for them. Rather than fight a losing battle, it’s often better to accept when a relationship has run its course. This is relatively straightforward for childless couples, but it becomes more complicated when you have kids. Any breakup can be messy, but when children are stuck in the middle, it can become catastrophic. An amicable split is vital, and here is some advice to make it possible.  

Discuss Your Breakup

You would hope that, as adults, you can break up without causing a scene. However, knowing how to break up maturely is often challenging, even for adults who have been broken up with many times before. 

Although you have tried to make things work, your relationship may reach a point where you cannot go any further. When you both come to this realization, it’s beneficial to discuss your breakup so you can come to terms with it and understand why the relationship has not worked. 

Establish a Support Plan

Once you have discussed your breakup and vented without getting into an argument (hopefully), you can start to think about more important things. One considerable issue is Child support, which is essential if your kids are still minors.

Ideally, both of you would want to provide child support, but this isn’t always so simple. The sooner you both establish the support plan, the easier it will be to agree to a fair arrangement. 

Consider Custody Requirements

Custody requirements are also vital. It can be tricky to balance your idea of fairness with what’s best for your child. If you both stay in the same area, it may not be too challenging to establish agreeable custody, but some issues could interfere with this. 

Splitting weeks and weekends between you can work, especially if you have a range of exciting activities to do with your kids when your responsibilities come around. However, a lack of stability in your child’s home life can affect their education and happiness, even if you both do your best to make things work. 

Do Not Fight In Front of Them

You probably know that kids understand more than you think, so make sure you do not fight in front of them. If you are yet to discuss the breakup with your kids, they may still know what is going on, so you don’t want to make it seem like either of you are angry, even if this is true. Make sure you remain civil around your kids and let yourselves hash it out if you need to in private. 


No one wants to break up, but sometimes you have no choice. If you and your partner have kids, you need to work out a mature solution that does not affect them too much. They will still be upset that their parents are no longer together, but with the right approach, you can work out a solution that enables both of you to remain respectful and ensure your kids can be happy.

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