Save Time In The Kitchen With These Tips

Save Time In The Kitchen With These Tips
08 Oct 2022

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Cooking can take a lot of time when you fail to plan. From prepping to pre-heating and other processes, the tasks can seem too much on a single day. Reportedly, three out of five Canadians spend up to an hour cooking. Some believe spending more time in the kitchen on a given day is better than saving hours on another. If you want to spend less time cooking and make mealtimes easier, these tips will be helpful.

Clean as you cook

This is an excellent time-saving technique you can employ in the kitchen on any cooking day. After everything is nice and ready, it saves you from spending another half hour or more. Sometimes, right after cooking, you may feel too tired or lazy to clean up immediately afterward. If you don’t have a dishwasher, the temptation to leave stuff in the sink overnight is high.

Fortunately, this technique addresses two issues at once. You can use the time in between to wipe down the counter, do the dishes sitting in the sink, and throw things into the trash. By the time your meals are fully cooked, you will have completed at least 80% of the cleaning tasks.

Cook two meals on a free day

How about spending extra time cooking on a single day and not doing any more preparation on another? While this may not be batch cooking, it can be a great time saver. All you have to do on other days is to warm your food in minutes. The reason behind cooking at least two meals on a free day is to help take pressure off you. Especially when you have a busy lifestyle, this approach will come in handy for you and your household.

You may want to vary the two meals you cook. For example, one can be a homemade oven baked chicken, while the other is a chickpea meat sauce. The meal types depend solely on what you feel for or your household’s dietary needs. Adopting this technique will most likely limit your time in the kitchen on those extra days.

Cook easy meals that take less time

If you’re famished, it will help if you have something that can cook in under sixty minutes and be good enough to eat. Meals like spaghetti carbonara, chicken piccata pasta, and simple rice dishes are time savers. If you’re adding proteins to these dishes, you may want to consider chicken breasts, lean cuts, or eggs since these take very little time to cook.

Other times, easy meals will require some prepping. This is when meal planning will be of great use. When your meals are well-coordinated and prepped, you can skip lengthy steps when it’s time to cook. Your only responsibility would be to put the preparation into the oven or turn the stove on. Cooking less time-consuming foods can be a great motivation to return to the kitchen another time. This is because lengthy cooking times are a major kitchen turn-off for some people.

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