Roulette, blackjack and more – which of these traditional table games should you play?

Roulette, blackjack and more – which of these traditional table games should you play?
19 Jan 2020

A night at the casino conjures images of millionaire playboys and vodka martinis, black ties and cocktail dresses. It’s an environment steeped in tradition and old fashioned glamour, yet it is also at the cutting edge of technology and one of the fastest-growing sectors in online gaming.

The contradictions also extend to the games themselves. Plenty was made of the Nevada Gaming Commission’s decision to allow slot games that incorporate higher degrees of skill. This was expected to prompt an explosion of new games and experiences, both in Vegas and rolling out across the physical and virtual world.

Yet for all the tech innovation, it’s the same old games that capture the imagination and attract the players. Here, we will count down the top four and you will see what we mean.



Surely this is one for the hardened gamers – after all, any novice would be mad to even try and would definitely come out a loser, right? Well, not necessarily. Poker is certainly the game that is most influenced by skill as opposed to luck, but it also has the most variations.

If you are a novice, start with a version like three card stud. Like blackjack, it’s just you against the dealer, so you won’t lose your shirt to a card shark, and it’s a great way to get a feel for the game, the different hands and so on.



Ian Fleming’s game of choice, baccarat was originally the central theme to Casino Royale. It was changed to poker when the 2005 movie came out, to give viewers a better chance of understanding what was happening, but if it was being released today, they might just decide to leave it as Fleming intended.

Baccarat has become hugely popular again in a short period of time, thanks largely to the online platforms that give you an opportunity to quietly learn the rules and see just how simple it is. Play it smart, back the banker and the house edge becomes negligible too.



Typically the most popular table game in real world casinos, it makes even more sense to play live roulette online, as you will often find more variations and a better house edge. A wheel with one zero offers better odds than a wheel with two, but if you play it really smart, you might find a site offering no zero roulette, where the house edge disappears entirely.

Whichever type of roulette you choose to play, keep an eye on the table limits, and keep your initial bet close to the minimum to give you room to up the ante if you need to recover a streak of losses.



Across physical and virtual casinos together, blackjack remains the number one casino game to play. It’s not changed materially since the days of pre-revolutionary France when it was popular in the palace of Versailles.

A big part of its charm is the blend of luck and strategy. The game itself is something a five year old can master in a matter of minutes, but even basic strategy takes you down an interesting rabbit hole of statistics and probability theory. Master it, though, and the odds shift dramatically in your favour.

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