Room Upgrades Your Children Will Love

Room Upgrades Your Children Will Love
31 Jan 2021

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Children’s rooms don’t get as much attention as they deserve. Your children will love some changes in their room. You can’t just assume that they will be little adults. A child’s room should be something special and reflect their age and interests. Here are a few nice upgrades that your child will love.

Upgrade Their Bed

Children love it when they can spend extra time in bed. Even adults love lounging around on their bed with no care in the world. You can make that even more special by changing their bed into something special. There are custom beds in the shape of race cars and other things, but you might want to give them something more unique. For example, you can place your child’s bed part of the window. It would look like a bit of a nook and won’t work as they grow bigger but saves space and provides them with a perfect view of the outside world. Some children’s beds are actually in the form of a tent for maximum privacy, while others are bunk beds with actual slides built-in. Be creative and think of your child’s comfort and enjoyment.

Make The Room Magical

The young have an infinite sense of wonder, and you can use that to your advantage. You can turn a child’s room into a wonderland by using some simple effects. For example, instead of complete darkness, you can choose to use LED lights to provide night-time lighting to their room. Thanks to an LED strip light controller, you should be able to control the brightness of the lights so that they would dim enough for children to sleep with still a light on. You can also add some decor that flows in the dark or something similar. Be creative and ask them a bit about what they want and their interests.

Install Storage Options

Your child will likely have a ton of stuff. They will have toys, books, and clothes all over the place. This clutter is a big problem, and that needs to be handled. Many children end up making a mess, and you can solve this problem by providing them with more storage options, For example, you can add more shelves and then hooks to hang things on. You can also completely upgrade their closet so that they can learn to organize their things. Under-the-bed storage can also provide your child with more places to store stuff in.

Give Them A Chance At Art

Children are naturally creative, and you will want to encourage that. Their room is a great place to start. For one, you can choose to paint the walls with washable paint. This type of paint creates a solid layer that is pretty easy to clean. All you need is some water and anything on it will be cleaned away. While this is usually for easier cleaning, it also allows your child to create art on the walls with their crayons and paints with zero worries. An alternative to the washable paint is installing a chalkboard or something similar on the walls. This allows the child to draw somewhere freely.

Create A Theme

A thematic child’s room is a major project, but it can be worth the effort. It will require you to do some planning. For example, you want to give your child a racing-themed room. This will mean a different bed, potential wall art, and even furniture. You can’t do this all in a single day. You’ll need to buy materials, draw some concept art, and plan. For example, it is best to create a thematic room when the child is off somewhere on vacation. Schedule a few weeks of staying with their grandparents, and you can surprise them with a brand new room when they are back.

Maximize Privacy

Privacy is an important issue with your child as they grow older. For those who have older children, instead of fancy upgrades, providing them with added privacy can be a great gift. Add locks to their door to ensure that they have the privacy they want. You can also ask for other privacy changes that they might want.

Upgrading your child’s room is a great project to attempt. Whether it is quality-of-life improvements or safety changes, adding these on your own can develop your skills in DIY. Besides that, if you start early enough, you can do these changes as your child grows. Updating their room to match their needs can help improve your skills in the long run. Your child will also appreciate all the effort that you put into it and love what you do for them.

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