Road Tripping The Cheap Way

Road Tripping The Cheap Way
16 Aug 2018

There’s a lot to plan when you’re off for some long haul travelling. Either you’re taking a flight that’s going to last hours, or you’re behind a wheel for far longer than your brain has the power to manage. And then you’ve got to pack accordingly, and make sure you’ve got enough snacks in the back to keep you fueled until you get to your destination. But if you’re someone who enjoys the actual journey itself, then you’re probably ready to face all of this in the form of a road trip!

If you’re someone who likes to travel, you’ve either roadtrip extensively before now, or are looking to cross that option off of your bucket list. And thankfully, there’s plenty of resources out there that allow you to road trip on a budget if you need to. The summer’s still here, why not start planning long drives down back roads and through deserts with the help of the tips below?

Grab a map and try to navigate the old fashioned way; data roaming charges are never fun to cope with!

Get Your Vehicle Transported

Sometimes, the area in which we plan to road trip through is far away, meaning extortionate fuel prices before we even get there, or it isn’t easy to get to from the outside. And because of this, we have to leave our own vehicles behind and use a hired vehicle from the location, or we use public transport and pack ourselves inside of a bus all day. It’s both sweaty and humid in one of these, and you won’t catch all of the sites you want as a result.

But why spend all that money and energy when you could just have your vehicle transported, which is far cheaper than trying to drive yourself or having local amenities take advantage of you? For example, you can look at the shiply motorbike page for quotes on getting your own means of transportation sent off to another country to meet you when you get there, perfect for a road tripping holiday.

Pack Food in a Cooler

If you have a cooler in the back of the car, you’re always going to have snacks available whenever you get peckish, and you won’t have to stop off at all the diners, drive ins, and dives you can very easily waste your money on.

Sure, you can do this from time to time (food is part of the experience), but make sure you’ve got a can opener in the glove box too! After all, if you’ve got canned food that can last years in the backseat, with some fridge items inside the cooler, you’ve got the ability to make the perfect meal!

There’s always a cheap way of doing things in life, especially when it comes to travel. So get yourself some helpful tips and tricks together for road tripping when you’re broke and just want to see the world, and never look back as you’re cruising down the roads.

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