Motoring: The Road Trip Hacks To Save Your Summer

Motoring: The Road Trip Hacks To Save Your Summer
06 Jun 2019

The summer is here, and for many people across the country that will mean one thing; it is road trip season. With so many places to see in this great country, driving and getting in the family in the car is a great way to see those things that you want to and hitting the open road. But if you have taken part in any road trips before, or have been driving in a car for a couple of hours, you will know hat road trips are definitely not like they are in the movies. Once the snacks are gone, the kids are bored, and you’ve just got a long journey ahead of you, it can be a long drive, in more than one way. But as it is generally a much cheaper way of doing things, cutting down accommodation costs as you can drive through the night, and is going to be cheaper than flying (especially for a large family), making road trips work is something that has to be done.

So with that in mind, here are some tips and tricks to help your road trips more enjoyable, relaxed, and fun for all. You could be out on the road all summer if you wanted to!

Trash Can

There is nothing worse than having a trash all over the car, as it can make it all messy and dirty, and just generally unpleasant. And when you’re in the car for a few hours at a time, you want a space that is as neat and tidy as possible. So taking a small trash can into the car is a great idea (you can buy car specific ones too, if needed).

Baby Wipes

Whether you have a baby or child in the car or not, having baby wipes with you is a must. From spillages to melted chocolate to needing to sneeze, the wipes can be used for all sorts of messes, and can help to keep the car nice and clean.


If you have children, then having plenty of things to keep them occupied is going to be a big help. And a simple way to do this, that keeps everything organized, is to use something like a shoe rack, tied to the back of the chair in front of them, with games, toys, pencils, stickers, and notebooks, in each compartment. You can even use it for storing snacks too. It keeps things organized, but also help them to take some responsibility for their stuff, and you don’t have to keep reaching round to pass things to them.


There are a few things that are a must for a road trip. One of them will be a first aid kit; no explanation needed. You should also make that you have had your car checked over before you go, and have a route planned out with stops for gas along the way. Getting stuck in the middle of nowhere isn’t something that is going to be very fun! It is also a good idea to have details of a tire change company that you could call when you’re out on the road too. You never know if there will be data when you’re out and about, so having numbers in advance is going to be handy, rather than needing to look them up when you’re out and about.

Car Fridge

If you are going to be on a long trip, and will be making some long journeys, such as twelve hour drives, then it can make the journey easier (and as quick as possible), if you have a fridge in the car. You don’t need to stop for so many breaks for drinks and food if you have it all in the car and is all fresh. They can be plugged into the car cigarette charger and then you are good to go.


There are plenty of apps that you can use on your road trip to make things much easier. There are apps like GasBuddy that will help you to see where the cheapest gas is along your route. When you’re going to be filling up the tank quite a bit, then it is going to make a difference to what you are spending so can be worth doing. There are apps like SitOrSquat that can be used to, that will help you to find public restrooms close to where you are. That can be a good thing if you have children and are in a place that you don’t know; then you can avoid any disasters. The Google Maps app is also another great one, as it can show you how much traffic there is on the route. So even if you have had one route planned, then it could show you a quicker route depending on the time of day that you are driving and what is going on.


If you are going to be in the car for long periods of time, then being comfortable is key. So don’t forget to pack things like cushions, blankets, and perhaps even a neck pillow, similar to what you might take on a plane. If you are planning to sleep in your car a little, or even a nap, then it could be a good idea to take an inflatable pool float to put on the seats of the car.


Whether you are traveling as a couple or a family, having an iPad with you can be a good idea, as you can make a makeshift a TV with it, and you can hang from the visor of the passenger seat perhaps. Just make sure that you download some shows on Netflix, and then you can listen and watch as you travel (or use to entertain the children).

Things to see en route

If you want to see a few things on the way to your destination, to break up the trip, then planning ahead is really key. It is a really good idea to look for things that are worth stopping for, and then you can plan your trip and route around it.

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