Reviving a Legend: 2023 Grand Wagoneer L Series III 4×4

Reviving a Legend: 2023 Grand Wagoneer L Series III 4×4
29 Apr 2024

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When it comes to luxury SUVs, few names command as much reverence and nostalgia as the Grand Wagoneer. After a decades-long hiatus, Jeep resurrected the iconic nameplate with the Grand Wagoneer L Series III 4×4, a vehicle that embodies the epitome of luxury and off-road prowess. As the flagship model in Jeep’s lineup, the Grand Wagoneer L Series III embodies the brand’s ethos of adventure, craftsmanship, and innovation.

From its iconic seven-slot grille to its commanding silhouette, the Grand Wagoneer L Series III exudes an unmistakable presence on the road. Drawing inspiration from its storied past while embracing contemporary design cues, this SUV seamlessly blends ruggedness with refinement. Join us as we delve into the world of the 2023 Grand Wagoneer L Series III 4×4, exploring its strengths, innovations, and the unparalleled driving experience it offers.

Let’s take a closer look at the 2023 Grand Wagoneer L Series III 4×4.

Exterior from passenger side front 2023 Grand Wagoneer L Series III 4x4


Rating: 8.5

The exterior of the 2023 Grand Wagoneer L Series III 4×4 is a masterclass in modern design fused with timeless elegance. From the first glance, it’s clear that Jeep has meticulously crafted every aspect of this SUV to exude luxury and presence on the road. Our test model, adorned in the Ember Pearl paint, exuded a sense of luxury and sophistication. At the front, the iconic seven-slot grille, a hallmark of Jeep’s heritage, commands attention, flanked by sleek LED headlights that seamlessly blend into the muscular lines of the body. Chrome accents tastefully adorn the grille, door handles, and window surrounds, adding a touch of sophistication to the Grand Wagoneer’s rugged demeanour.

Moving along the sides, the Grand Wagoneer L Series III boasts a commanding stance, thanks to its bold proportions and sculpted body panels. The profile is accentuated by prominent wheel arches housing large, stylish alloy wheels, which not only enhance the SUV’s visual appeal but also contribute to its off-road capability. Sleek character lines run along the length of the vehicle, adding a sense of dynamism to its design, while the available two-tone paint options allow owners to personalize their Grand Wagoneer to their taste.

One of the standout features of the Grand Wagoneer L Series III’s exterior is its power deployable running boards. These intelligently designed running boards extend outward automatically when the doors are opened, providing passengers with a convenient step for easy entry and exit. Beyond their practicality, they add a touch of modernity to the SUV’s profile while seamlessly integrating into its sleek aesthetic.

Further enhancing the Grand Wagoneer’s visual appeal are its impressive 22×9–inch aluminum painted wheels. These meticulously crafted wheels not only contribute to the SUV’s commanding presence on the road but also speak to its capability and performance. Paired with the 285/45R22XL BSW All Season tires, they ensure a smooth and confident driving experience, whether traversing city streets or venturing off the beaten path.

At the rear, the Grand Wagoneer L Series III continues to impress with its attention to detail. LED taillights wrap around the sculpted tailgate, providing a modern and distinctive lighting signature. The rear bumper features integrated exhaust outlets, further emphasizing the SUV’s performance-oriented nature. Overall, the exterior of the 2023 Grand Wagoneer L Series III 4×4 strikes a harmonious balance between ruggedness and refinement, setting a new standard for luxury SUV design.

Interior shot from rear passenger door 2023 Grand Wagoneer L Series III 4x4


Rating: 9.5

Once you step inside the cabin of the 2023 Grand Wagoneer L Series III 4×4, you’re immediately enveloped in an atmosphere of luxury and refinement. Our test model featured the exquisite Tupelo & Global Black interior scheme, with Tupelo seats that provided both comfort and sophistication. The contrast between the two tones added visual interest while maintaining a cohesive and upscale aesthetic throughout the interior.

The highlight of the Grand Wagoneer’s interior is undoubtedly the quilted Palermo leather–faced bucket seats. These plush and meticulously crafted seats offer unparalleled comfort and support, ensuring that every journey is a delight for both driver and passengers alike. The quilted design adds a touch of elegance to the cabin, elevating the overall ambiance to that of a luxury lounge on wheels.

Adding to the sense of openness and airiness is the three-panel sunroof with Power Sunshade. This expansive sunroof floods the cabin with natural light, creating a welcoming and inviting environment for all occupants. And if you don’t want the extra light in the vehicle, you can close the power sunshade with the touch of a button.

The interior trim of the Grand Wagoneer L Series III is equally impressive, featuring genuine wood inserts throughout the cabin. From the instrument panel to the door panels and center console, the rich warmth of the wood accents adds a sense of timeless elegance to the SUV’s interior. Combined with chrome and metal-look accents, the interior exudes a refined sophistication that speaks to the attention to detail and craftsmanship synonymous with the Jeep brand.

Power 2023 Grand Wagoneer L Series III 4x4 hood open showing engine


Rating: 7.5

The 2023 Grand Wagoneer L Series III 4×4 boasts an impressive powertrain that combines performance with efficiency. Under the hood lies a formidable 3.0L I-6 Hurricane Twin Turbo engine, delivering a robust output of 510 hp at 5,700 rpm. This power plant is engineered to provide exhilarating acceleration and ample passing power while maintaining smooth and refined operation, making every drive a thrilling experience.

Torque, the force that propels this SUV forward with authority, is equally remarkable. The 3.0L engine generates a maximum torque of 500 lb-ft at 3,500 rpm, ensuring strong and responsive performance across a wide range of driving conditions. Whether navigating city streets or tackling challenging off-road trails, the Grand Wagoneer L Series III delivers effortless acceleration and confident power delivery, thanks to its impressive torque output.

Beyond its dynamic performance on the road, the 2023 Grand Wagoneer L Series III 4×4 is also designed to handle heavy loads with ease. With a maximum towing capacity of 5,400 lbs, this SUV is well-equipped to haul trailers, boats, or other recreational equipment, making it an ideal companion for outdoor adventures or weekend getaways. Whether towing a camper for a family vacation or hauling equipment for a weekend excursion, the Grand Wagoneer L Series III offers the capability and versatility to tackle any task with confidence.

The powertrain of the 2023 Grand Wagoneer L Series III 4×4 is a testament to Jeep’s commitment to performance and capability. With its potent engine, impressive torque, and substantial towing capacity, this SUV delivers a driving experience that is as exhilarating as it is versatile, making it a standout choice in its segment.

Drive and handling 2023 Grand Wagoneer L Series III 4x4


Rating: 8.5

The 2023 Grand Wagoneer L Series III 4×4 offers a remarkable blend of power, comfort, and handling, making it a standout performer in its class. Despite its substantial size, this SUV handles admirably well, thanks to its advanced suspension systems and array of driving aids. While maneuvering through tight spots or parking in crowded areas, the Aerial View Camera System and Surround View Back-Up Camera provide invaluable assistance, ensuring confident navigation with minimal stress.

The Grand Wagoneer’s Adaptive damping suspension enhances its ride quality by adjusting shock absorbers to suit driving conditions, maintaining stability and comfort on various road surfaces. Coupled with the Quadra–Lift air suspension, which allows for customizable ride height adjustments, this SUV adapts effortlessly to different terrains, ensuring a smooth and controlled driving experience regardless of the environment.

Further enhancing its capability is the Selec–Terrain Traction Management System, which offers multiple drive modes to optimize performance in diverse conditions, from snow-covered roads to rugged trails. The Selec–Speed control system adds to its off-road prowess by providing precise control over vehicle speed during challenging descents, enhancing driver confidence on steep inclines and declines.

The Grand Wagoneer L Series III is also equipped with an array of driver assistance features, including the Active Driving Assist System, Active Lane Management System, and Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop & Go. These technologies work together to provide a safer and more relaxing driving experience, reducing driver fatigue on long journeys and mitigating the risk of accidents.

With a front suspension featuring Short And Long Arm design with Air Springs and a rear suspension employing a Multi-Link configuration with Air Springs, the Grand Wagoneer ensures a balanced and composed ride quality, even when tackling rough terrain or towing heavy loads.

Fuel Economy 2023 Grand Wagoneer L Series III 4x4 gas tank open

Fuel Economy

Rating: 8.0

The 2023 Grand Wagoneer L Series III 4×4, while offering impressive performance and luxurious amenities, is mindful of its fuel efficiency. With its powerful 3.0L I-6 Hurricane Twin Turbo engine, the Grand Wagoneer achieves a fuel economy rating of approximately 17.0 L/100 km in city driving conditions. This figure reflects the vehicle’s ability to efficiently navigate urban environments, where stop-and-go traffic and frequent acceleration and deceleration are common.

On the highway, the Grand Wagoneer demonstrates its efficiency with a rating of around 12.5 L/100 km. This figure highlights the SUV’s aerodynamic design and advanced engine technology, which help optimize fuel consumption during sustained highway cruising. Whether embarking on a long-distance road trip or simply enjoying a leisurely drive, the Grand Wagoneer delivers impressive fuel economy without compromising on performance or comfort.

When combined, the Grand Wagoneer achieves a fuel economy rating of approximately 15.0 L/100 km, striking a balance between city and highway driving conditions. This combined figure reflects the vehicle’s versatility and adaptability to various driving scenarios, ensuring that owners can enjoy both spirited performance and efficient fuel consumption in their daily commutes and weekend adventures alike.

Overall, the 2023 Grand Wagoneer L Series III 4×4 offers respectable fuel economy figures for its class and immense size, making it a compelling choice for drivers seeking a luxurious SUV that doesn’t compromise on efficiency.

Safety 2023 Grand Wagoneer L Series III 4x4 steering wheel


Rating: 8.7

The 2023 Grand Wagoneer L Series III 4×4 prioritizes safety with a comprehensive suite of advanced features designed to protect occupants and prevent accidents. Starting with passive safety measures, the SUV is equipped with advanced multistage front airbags, supplemental front seat–mounted side airbags, and supplemental side–curtain airbags, providing comprehensive protection in the event of a collision from various angles.

To enhance driver awareness and mitigate the risk of accidents, the Grand Wagoneer features Blind–Spot Monitoring and Rear Cross–Path Detection systems, alerting drivers to vehicles and obstacles in their blind spots during lane changes and reversing maneuvers. Additionally, a drowsy driver detection system monitors driver behaviour and alerts them if signs of fatigue are detected, helping to prevent accidents caused by driver inattention.

This large SUV also incorporates cutting-edge collision avoidance technologies, including Full–Speed Forward Collision Warning Plus and Advanced Brake Assist. These systems use radar and camera sensors to detect potential frontal collisions and automatically apply the brakes if necessary to mitigate or avoid a collision entirely.

Furthermore, the Grand Wagoneer L Series III boasts innovative features such as a Head-Up Display, providing essential information directly in the driver’s line of sight, and an Intersection Collision Assist System, which detects cross-traffic when approaching intersections to prevent accidents.

For added pedestrian and animal safety, the Night Vision system with Pedestrian and Animal Detection alerts drivers to the presence of pedestrians or animals in low-light conditions. Additionally, Pedestrian/Cyclist Emergency Braking automatically applies the brakes if pedestrians or cyclists are detected in the vehicle’s path.

Parking maneuvers are made easier and safer with the Park–Sense automated parking system, Park–Sense Front and Rear Park Assist with stop, and the Surround View Camera System, which provides a 360-degree view of the vehicle’s surroundings.

Other safety features include rain–sensing windshield wipers, which adjust their speed based on rainfall intensity, and Side Distance Warning, which alerts drivers to obstacles or vehicles approaching from the side.

Comfort 2023 Grand Wagoneer L Series III 4x4


Rating: 9.5

The 2023 Grand Wagoneer L Series III 4×4 prioritizes passenger comfort with an array of luxurious features designed to enhance every journey. Starting with the driver’s experience, the SUV boasts a power tilt/telescoping steering column, allowing for effortless adjustment to find the perfect driving position. The heated steering wheel further enhances comfort on chilly days, providing a luxurious touch that is appreciated during winter months.

Both the driver and front passenger are treated to the indulgence of massaging seats, with several settings that provide a soothing experience to ease tension and fatigue. The 14-way power driver seat and 14-way power passenger seat offer a customizable seating experience, including power recline, height adjustment, cushion extension, and massaging lumbar support, ensuring optimal comfort for occupants during long drives. In addition, front heated seats and ventilated seats ensure year-round comfort, allowing occupants to stay cozy in colder weather and cool in hot climates.

For passengers in the second row, the Grand Wagoneer L Series III offers the convenience of heated and ventilated seats, ensuring that everyone onboard enjoys the same level of comfort and luxury. Whether embarking on a cross-country road trip or navigating city streets, the 2023 Grand Wagoneer L Series III 4×4 prioritizes passenger comfort, ensuring that every journey is as relaxing and enjoyable as possible.

And in the third row, there is actually plenty of room for adult passengers, unlike many of the smaller “full-size” SUVs on the market. I was able to sit back there in full comfort, and I’m not a small guy!

Tech 2023 Grand Wagoneer L Series III 4x4 showing front screen and massaging seats drive controls


Rating: 9.7

The 2023 Grand Wagoneer L Series III 4×4 is packed with cutting-edge technology features designed to enhance convenience, entertainment, and connectivity for all occupants. Starting with convenience, the SUV features a wireless charging pad, allowing the driver and front passenger to keep their compatible devices powered up without the hassle of cords and cables.

Entertainment reaches new heights with the McIntosh MX1375 Reference Entertainment System, boasting an impressive 23 speakers and a 1345w premium amplifier. This state-of-the-art audio system delivers unparalleled sound quality, immersing occupants in a concert-like experience. It is hands down the best factory installed audio system I have ever experienced in a vehicle. Front passengers can also enjoy an interactive display, providing access to various entertainment and information options at their fingertips.

The Grand Wagoneer L Series III is equipped with advanced digital displays, including a 12.3-inch TFT colour display cluster that provides essential vehicle information with clarity and precision. The Uconnect 5 NAV system takes centre stage with its expansive 12.0-inch touchscreen display, offering intuitive navigation, seamless smartphone integration with Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto, and access to SiriusXM with 360L on-demand content for endless entertainment options.

For rear-seat passengers, our test unit was equipped with the optional Rear-Seat Entertainment Group, adding even more convenience and entertainment features. This package includes seatback video screens, a USB video port, and Amazon Fire TV Built-In, allowing passengers to stream their favourite movies, TV shows, and more, making long journeys feel shorter and more enjoyable for everyone onboard.

Storage 2023 Grand Wagoneer L Series III 4x4 rear hatch open with rear seats down showing storage capacity


Rating: 9.5

The 2023 Grand Wagoneer L Series III 4×4 offers generous storage capacity, ensuring ample room for passengers and cargo. With its spacious interior and configurable seating arrangements, this large SUV provides versatile cargo options to accommodate a wide range of needs.

Behind the front row, the Grand Wagoneer offers a cavernous cargo space of 112.9 cubic feet, allowing for the transport of large and bulky items with ease. Whether it’s luggage for a family vacation or outdoor gear for a weekend adventure, there’s plenty of room to stow belongings securely.

Even with the second row in place, the Grand Wagoneer still offers a substantial cargo area of 88.8 cubic feet. This space is ideal for carrying groceries, sports equipment, or other everyday essentials while still providing ample room for passengers to travel comfortably.

For those occasions when additional seating is required, the third row offers a respectable cargo area of 44.2 cubic feet. While slightly more limited in space, this area remains practical for storing smaller items or luggage without sacrificing passenger comfort.

Inside the cabin, the Grand Wagoneer features thoughtful storage solutions to keep belongings organized and within reach. A full floor console with covered storage provides a convenient space to store personal items, while a mini overhead console offers additional storage for smaller items such as sunglasses or electronic devices.

Overall, the 2023 Grand Wagoneer L Series III 4×4 delivers impressive storage capacity, making it well-suited for families, adventurers, and anyone with a need for versatility and space. Whether it’s a daily commute or an extended road trip, this SUV offers ample room to accommodate all of life’s adventures with ease.

sticker price msrp 2023 Grand Wagoneer L Series III 4x4


Rating: 7.5

The 2023 Grand Wagoneer L Series III 4×4 is an exceptional vehicle for drivers seeking a combination of luxury, performance, and versatility. With a starting price of $130,495.00 (CAD) and a total price as tested of $140,670.00 (CAD), this SUV represents a significant investment, but one that is justified by its impressive array of features and capabilities. From its powerful engine and advanced suspension systems to its spacious interior and comprehensive safety suite, the Grand Wagoneer L Series III offers a level of refinement and sophistication typically found in vehicles with much higher price tags. Its versatility and practicality make it well-suited for a wide range of lifestyles and driving needs, ensuring that owners receive exceptional value for their investment.

Overall Rating 2023 Grand Wagoneer L Series III 4x4 front profile from driver side

Overall Rating

After evaluating the 2023 Grand Wagoneer L Series III 4×4 across these ten distinct categories, I assigned it a comprehensive rating of 86.9.

Exterior: 8.5
Interior: 9.5
Power: 7.5
Drive: 8.5
Fuel Economy: 8.0
Safety: 8.7
Comfort: 9.5
Tech: 9.7
Storage: 9.5
Value: 7.5

Overall: 86.9

Specifications 2023 Grand Wagoneer L Series III 4x4 passenger side profile


The following are key specifications. For trim-specific specs, please visit the Wagoneer website.


Vehicle Type: 7-passenger Luxury SUV
Front Suspension: Short And Long Arm w/Air Springs
Rear Suspension: Multi-Link w/Air Springs
Brakes: 4-Wheel Disc
Wheel Size: 22” x 9”
Tires: 285/45R22XL BSW All Season


Engine: I-6 Hurricane Twin Turbo 510 with Stop/ Start
Displacement: 3.0 liters
Horsepower: 510 hp @ 5,700 rpm
Max. Torque: 500 lb-ft @ 3,500 rpm
Transmission: 8-speed Automatic w/OD
Driving System: Automatic Full-Time Four-Wheel Drive
Recommended Fuel: Premium Unleaded Gasoline
Maximum Towing Capacity: 5400 lbs

Dimensions 2023 Grand Wagoneer L Series III 4x4


Wheelbase: 130 in
Length: 226.7 in
Width (without mirrors): 83.6 in
Height: 75.6 in
Cargo Space/Area Behind Front Row: 112.9 cu. ft.
Cargo Space/Area Behind Second Row: 88.8 cu. ft.
Cargo Space/Area Behind Third Row: 44.2 cu. ft.

Fuel Economy

City: 17.0 L/100 km
Highway: 12.5 L/100 km
Combined: 15.0 L/100 km

The Boomin’ System by LL Cool J

“The Boomin’ System” by LL Cool J perfectly encapsulates the exhilarating audio experience offered by the McIntosh MX1375 Reference Entertainment System in the 2023 Grand Wagoneer L Series III 4×4. With its 23 speakers and 1345w premium amplifier, this state-of-the-art sound system transforms the interior of the SUV into a concert hall on wheels. Just like the infectious beats and booming basslines of the song, the McIntosh audio system delivers rich, immersive sound quality that fills the cabin with unparalleled clarity and depth. Whether cruising down the highway or enjoying a night out with friends, the Grand Wagoneer’s audio system elevates every moment, turning ordinary drives into unforgettable experiences reminiscent of the energy and excitement of “The Boomin’ System”.

Parkin’ outside of all the hip-hop spots
Push the E-Q and play connect the dots
Leanin’ to the side, people everywhere
The trunk full of amps, there ain’t no room for a spare
Big beats bumpin’ with the bass in back
All the sophisticated suckers catch a heart attack
‘Cause they don’t understand why I act this way
Pumpin’ up the funky beat until the break of day

I hope you enjoyed this edition of Motors & Music featuring the 2023 Grand Wagoneer L Series III 4×4 and The Boomin’ System by LL Cool J.

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