Essential Reasons For The Installation Of Residential Elevators

Essential Reasons For The Installation Of Residential Elevators
22 Jan 2021

Today, elevators are no longer considered to be a luxury. It has become a necessity, especially in large residences wherein moving from one storey to another requires a person with limited mobility to climb a number of steps. In fact, people with mobility concerns, either due to old age or for some other reason, also find it easy to negotiate storeys with the use of elevators. Thus, it can be said that installing a residential elevator ensures maximum mobility in between the different levels of the home, but with the application of the least effort.

There are several other factors that justify the installation of an elevator in a residence. Some of the important and noteworthy reasons are:


Technically speaking, since elevators increase effortless mobility within the different levels of a residence, it minimizes, or in some cases, completely eliminates the need for legwork. Hence, traversing around the home, especially while carrying heavy objects like groceries, small items of furniture, etc., becomes easy, and can be done without much strain. This is of great advantage to homeowners with elevators since they are able to enjoy most of their daily chores like decorating, keeping the house clean, etc., without having to put too much strain on their legs.

Residential Elevators open door

Home safety and security is enhanced

Personal safety can be a concern, especially in homes with active kids, who have a habit of running up and down the stairs. This can result in accidents, which can be severe in some cases. The installation of an elevator reduces this risk, thereby increasing the safety of the kids. Steps or staircases tend to lead to doors, which open to the exterior of the house. In certain instances, this might prove to be a security risk, which can be eliminated by the use of residential elevators internally.

Space saving

Practically speaking, staircases tend to take up more space than elevators. Installation of an elevator, instead of the standard staircase, tends to increase the space within a home, making it look open and roomy. This is because the elevator increases the usable area per square foot of a home, making a home look bigger in comparison. Alternatively, they can also be installed outside of the home, against a convenient wall, so that it becomes easy to access.

Increase in property value

Elevators are convenient and functional, especially when it comes to reducing strain on the feet of individuals. Installation of a residential elevator tends to increase the resale value of the property, by offering convenience and safety.

Residential Elevators circular stairway

Style statement

Installation of elevators within the interior of a home tends to give it a very classy appearance. It makes a house look elegantly modern, with an air of sophistication. Together, this helps to make a style statement few people can choose to ignore. It garners more appreciation than the house interior would otherwise be eligible for.

Time saving

When there are a number of different tasks that need to be carried out, especially in a home built on multiple levels, elevators help save time and energy. The ability to reach the upper or lower levels of a house, just with the press of a button, helps save time by enabling both:
• The completion of work within a short span of time, and
• The completion of many tasks within a short span of time


Elevators can generally be operated with the use of a single button. Hence, they are much more convenient to use than staircases, which need an effort with every step taken. This convenience accorded by elevators gains extra value when a person needs to traverse between levels of a home with their hands full.

Residential Elevators outdoor entrance

Residential Elevators

Elevators are the technology for the future and their installation in residences is being looked upon as a mandatory feature by most people thereby increasing their popularity. Today the residential elevator has so many benefits that it tends to negate the costs involved in the installation of the same thereby enabling more and more people to take advantage of their utility.

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