Motoring: Renting the Right Car for Your Honeymoon

Motoring: Renting the Right Car for Your Honeymoon
11 Aug 2017

Your wedding and your honeymoon are the two times in your life when you will want every detail to be perfect. You already planned to have the hottest music, the tastiest cake, and the most beautiful gown during the ceremony, so likewise you shouldn’t neglect the small luxuries that you deserve during your first special time together as man and wife.

For example, you shouldn’t take a cab or an Uber around your honeymoon destination when you can rent a car and see the sites on your own terms. But, how do you go about getting the perfect rental car for honeymoon travel? Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

honeymoon mercedes

Always Reserve Your Car Ahead

You may wonder how far ahead of your honeymoon trip that you should reserve your chosen rental vehicle. The truth is that you should make a reservation as soon as you get the dates of trip finalized. Like airline tickets, vehicle rental prices tend to increase as you approach the date of usage. That is why it is never a good idea to rent your car on the day that you need it.

honeymoon range rover

Popular Places and Dates

You should also consider the popularity of your honeymoon destination. Will you be in the area during its peak tourist season? If so, it may be harder to find your first choice car. You should look at the websites of all the car rental services in the area and compare their inventory, if the information is available that far in advance (it usually isn’t, see below). Also, if you get married on a holiday weekend, such as Memorial Day, Independence day, or Labor Day, you may find yourself competing for rental vehicles with more than the average amount of vacationers, so a little preparedness goes along way.

honeymoon mustang convertible

Decide Which Type of Car You Want (or Need)

You only get to honeymoon once (hopefully), so why not do it in style? You can choose the car of your dreams to taxi between sites and start your marriage feeling like royalty. Do you want a sweet convertible sports car to ride around an island paradise, or do you want a luxury and exotic car for rental to cruise Vegas just like the high rollers? Or, maybe cargo room for your skis is a concern for you. If that’s the case, rent a van or an SUV that’ll have enough room for all your gear. The choice is yours, and just like you wouldn’t skimp on the honeymoon suite, you shouldn’t skimp on your ride, either

honeymoon jeep

Inventory Changes

Remember, a rental lot cannot absolutely guarantee that a particular car will be available at a given time. Inventory constantly changes since cars can be picked up and dropped off anywhere. This is why while planning a bit ahead is important, you shouldn’t worry about car type too far in advance. Usually, rental companies will only give you the option to choose a specific vehicle 1 to 2 days beforehand.

honeymoon jeep

Some Things You Need to be Aware of

If you are under the age of 25, there are laws in many states and nations that may restrict you from renting a vehicle, even if you are married and have a credit card. If both spouses fall into this category, it is imperative that you check the laws of the area where you plan to honeymoon ahead of time before making any plans or reservations.

Conversely, there are areas where renting is permitted to those under the age of 25, but you may be restricted to a “standard” sized sedan, such as a Toyota Camry. It should go without saying that just as with your own vehicle at home, the insurance will cost more until you reach the age of 25. This means less cargo room and a higher budget, so plan accordingly.

honeymoon refueling

Avoid Extra Fees

Be sure to read the fine print in your contract. You may be saddled with a tracking device that can prove that you were going over the posted speed limit, mileage limits, or left the designated area. These “offences” can result in exorbitant fees.

Speaking of fees, remember to fill the gas tank before returning the car. When the rental company refills a partially empty tank, they may charge you for a full tank of gas, and many rental companies do so at a higher rate than the average gas station.

honeymoon compact car

Take a Quick Inventory

Go through a quick checklist in your mind before leaving the lot. Do you have a key to open the trunk, or the gas cap, if necessary? Do you have a spare tire or doughnut, lug wrench, and jack included in the trunk? Check for essentials before driving off.

honeymoon ford gt40

Be Sure to Include Insurance

Always look over your documentation to ensure that your package includes insurance. If you are not sure whether it comes as part of the agreement, discuss your situation with the person at the rental counter and pay for extra insurance if you are not sure the coverage is adequate. It is always best to overpay on insurance rather than end up in a crash with a car that is not yours and end up losing your shirt.

honeymoon porsche targa

Just remember to first read over each of the options and be sure that you choose one that is comparable to the type of car that you are renting. Some packages can charge as much as $40 per day, and this is almost like doubling the rental price. Another option may be to purchase rental car insurance from a third party. There are many companies available that charge less than rental agencies and cover just as thoroughly.

Enjoy your Honeymoon!

So, why would you want to be at the whim of cab drivers, train schedules, and bus routes when you can spend your time your way and travel to each attraction at ease? Renting a car on your honeymoon is a smart way to get the most out of your vacation and your precious time together. So take the time to look over your options and reserve a car today for your special trip.

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