Renovations Gone Wrong

Renovations Gone Wrong
16 Jul 2019

Renovations can definitely go wrong, especially in the hands of the wrong person. But when you’ve owned your home for a few years now, it’s so easy to see what potential it holds. Perhaps you’ve known it needed a new bathroom from the start, or perhaps you just hate the size of the kitchen, but you know there’s the potential to expand it if you need to. So if you are fortunate enough to own your own home, and you know you’ve got the money to start working on a renovation, there’s a few things that we want to warn you about. Because when a renovation starts to go wrong, or when delays occur in the renovation, the cost can keep mounting up and up, until it would seem like it’s too much to manage. So, we’ve created this perfect article, that should hopefully show you what to do when your renovation does start to go wrong, and how you can avoid it happening altogether. So keep on reading, and see if you could use any of these tips.


Those Unexpected Delays

So just because you’ve had a price locked in, it doesn’t mean that that will be the end amount that you’re going to pay. If something delays the builders that is their fault, then no cost will come to you. But if they start working on your home and encounter issues along the way, then it could fall back on you. So say for example they start knocking down walls, and all of the sudden there’s a family of animals behind one of them. A family that has most likely been living in peace, and you never even noticed them. An issue that the builders definitely didn’t cause, so up goes the cost of your renovation. Not only will you have to pay for delays, but you’ll have to pay for ABC Pest Control to come and help you out. Whatever you do, don’t try and deal with the problem yourself, and don’t do anything inhumane. A responsible pest control company could relocate the family to their natural habitat, taking out any need for extermination!

Renovation tape measure

Trying To Do Too Much Yourself

Problems can definitely come around when you try and do too much yourself, but this is another common problem that people deal with. It’s all well and good trying to save some money on your renovation, but it’s important to know when it’s better left to the experts. So for example, a lot of people try and strip the room down to save on labouring costs, but in the process can burst pipelines, tear our wiring, or just create havoc that didn’t need to be caused. So always work within your means, and never try and start a job just to save some money!

Cowboy Builders

A final little warning for you, but always make sure that you’re going with a company that you know you can trust. So many people get stuck with cowboy builders, aka ones that do a complete botch job. So always read reviews, and go for family or friend recommendations if possible!

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