Racing games that seasoned car enthusiasts just can’t put down

Racing games that seasoned car enthusiasts just can’t put down
01 Mar 2019

From the earliest days of home computing, racing games have been among the staples for gamers. Those of a certain age will almost certainly remember playing games like Pole Position, Hard Drivin’ and Roadblasters on their Commodore VIC-20 or Atari ST. 30 or so years on, these same people will have plenty of real-world driving experience under their belts. However, this is the gaming age, and there’s nothing unusual about those of us who were there enjoying those pioneering racing games to get just as much fun out of today’s offerings.

Of course, there are hundreds of racing games out there. Many are free to play online and none of them involve a seven minute wait for the game to load from a tape. Let’s look at some very different games that will set seasoned pulses racing as rapidly as the cars.

Midnight Racer

One of the benefits of being a more mature gamer is that there is the possibility to win more than just glory. Online slots games have never been more popular, and with sites like Canada providing a run down of the options, you can always find the best deals to make your bankroll last longer. There are plenty of car-themed slots out there, but Midnight Racer is particularly worth a look as there is more to it than just spinning reels with pictures of cars on them. This is a game with a story arc, interesting characters and some immersive bonus features. It’s well worth a look, even if you are not ordinarily a big fan of the slots.

Forza Motorsport

For console gamers, it is all about the realism. Step into a room where people are playing FIFA, and you could be forgiven for initially thinking it is a real football match on TV. Forza is very much the racing equivalent. It’s a well-established series, and the latest, Forza Motorsport 6, boasts 450 vehicles and 26 locations, all recreated with an eye for detail that shows how much love and obsession has gone into the game. If you are looking for realism, the only way to beat this is to shut down the console, head out of the front door and get behind the wheel.

Asphalt 9: Legends

Of course, not everyone has bought into the “gaming is the new leisure pursuit for all” ethos to the extent that we have a games console in the living room. One thing almost all of us do have, however, is a smartphone. Games are by far the most commonly downloaded category of apps, and for the best smartphone driving experience, look no further that Asphalt 9: Legends. Forget realism, this is high-octane, nitro-boosted mayhem, in which you can take on either real-world or AI-controlled opponents. The career mode will keep you engaged as you pay or play your way to an ever more impressive garage of virtual cars. The graphics and soundtrack are also extremely impressive for a freemium mobile game.

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