Essential Tips for Planning Your First Trip to Sydney

Essential Tips for Planning Your First Trip to Sydney
04 Oct 2019

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Australia is a truly beautiful place, with Sydney often mentioned as the place where this beauty is most prominent. Many people consider a trip to this city a life-changing experience and recommend at least one visit to others. For inexperienced travellers such as myself, some info that can help me plan ahead is always welcome!

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Good Vibes

Don’t be surprised if you’re welcomed by smiles wherever you go. Sydney is generally a welcoming place, no matter which neighbourhood we’re talking about. The beaches will help you relax, the food will have you asking for more, and the positivity of some people is likely to catch you off guard. Be sure to give yourself enough time to visit all of the monuments and parks, and don’t rush through the scenery as you may stumble upon some truly breathtaking sights!

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The web of streets may seem chaotic at first, but give yourself some time to get used to them. Have you heard of Opal cards? Essentially, they are used to pay the fare on buses, trains, and ferries. You can charge them with funds at convenience stores, or even online if you have a registered account. Aren’t used to taking a ferry across town? People do it almost daily when heading to work. As it’s one of the cheapest and fastest ways to get across town, feel free to take advantage. And remember, if you’re lost, there’s no shame in asking for directions.

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A Place to Stay

As we’ve mentioned before, proper planning will help you enjoy a stress-free vacation. The pricing range for apartments and hotels is different depending on the neighbourhood or district you’re staying in. The Central Business District is one of the pricier areas, as it is home to several of the largest Australian companies as well as a few international ones. Sydney CBD, or Sydney City as some call it, is mostly filled with skyscrapers while having a few parks that break apart these dense areas. If you’re on a work trip and don’t want to stray too far from the business district, there’s no need to worry as there are some beautifully furnished apartments in Sydney CBD.

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If you’re booking your apartment ahead of the trip you’ll know exactly how much money you’re spending on it. What about everything else, though? We’ve touched upon Opal cards, which are usually cheap and regularly offer discounts. As for groceries and food, expect to pay around $100 weekly if you cook your meals. Hostels offer dinner each night for about $8, so be sure to ask around for all of your options so you don’t miss any good offers. And if you’re in a bind with funds at the moment, pay a visit to Aldi, the cheapest supermarket around.

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Change in Lifestyle

Things function a bit differently in Sydney, depending on where you’re from. Shops close at 5 pm, with CBD shops staying open until 7 pm. Restaurants usually close by 9.30pm, so if you want to catch dinner you’ll have to arrive on time. And in case you’ve heard that Australia is dangerous, it’s true, although for different reasons. Spiders aren’t as big a threat as you might have thought. The biggest danger is people not being used to driving on the left side. As this is something you adapt to overtime, you should be extra careful during your first few days!

As Sydney is among the most expensive cities, you may need quite a bit of money if you’re planning a luxurious stay. Apart from that, be sure to do some research ahead of time. It won’t be a fun trip if you’re constantly worried or lost, will it? To conclude, relax, enjoy your stay, and be sure to visit some of the unique sights the city has to offer.

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