Phoenix, Arizona – The Perfect Travel Guide for a First Time Visitor

Phoenix, Arizona – The Perfect Travel Guide for a First Time Visitor
16 Oct 2020

So you have decided to go on a journey to the American southwest, and now is time to plan your trip. It’s your first time going to Phoenix, and you don’t know what to visit, eat, or where to go out. These are the reasons that brought you here, and those are the questions this travel guide is going to answer.

Phoenix has a variety of options in all of those categories, and we get it, it’s hard to make a choice, but no worries. We are going to let you know about places to stay, the most famous restaurants and museums with the best collections. Learn about all that and more in our guide for first time Phoenix visitors.

Choose Your Place-to-Stay Wisely

When people think about Arizona, their mind usually goes straight to Phoenix. Don’t get us wrong, yes, it’s the capital, and probably has the most to give to tourists, but this beautiful country has other great options for you to visit. If you like to take care of your body and walk to places, Phoenix might be too big for you.

Folks who don’t prefer to drive or take the bus on their vacation often choose Scottsdale as their go-to destination. A great tip for visitors who want to check it all out is to get an extended stay in Scottsdale AZ, and then drive to Phoenix if they like being in a big city. There are rentals out there that have resorts in both towns, so maybe you can work out a deal and change your location after a while. That way, you can mix things up and visit everything at the same time.

Pick from a Wide Range of Sightseeing Options

The heat is a recurring topic when visiting Phoenix, so you have to consider it when you are going sightseeing. During the hottest parts of the day, especially during the summer, it’s best to go for some indoor venues. Luckily, this city has a lot of those to offer.

If you enjoy history, you should check out the historical museums of Phoenix. The Rosson House, the Pueblo Grande Ruin, and the Pioneer Living History Museum are all excellent choices for those who appreciate history. For people who favor Renaissance pieces and modern art, the Phoenix Art Museum is the place to be, as it’s considered the largest art museum in the southwestern United States. Phoenix is also a home to a lot of Native American art and artifacts, which are currently being stored in the Heard Museum.

When the time comes for you to go outside, you’ll have nothing to worry about as there are a lot of trails and hiking opportunities. Camelback Mountain presents a great climb, as it has an elevation of 2704 feet. The second highest point in the area is Piestewa Peak, with 2610 feet. It also has a lot of trails to attempt if you are a hiking enthusiast.

What Are the Best Cuisines and Restaurants in Phoenix?

When it comes to food in the Phoenix area, it’s no surprise that most people go for steaks and Mexican food. There are even some resorts that include a five-star steakhouse within the resort. Durant’s is one of the most popular steakhouses in Phoenix and a place where you can often run into celebrities and local politicians. Another restaurant that is favored by Arizonians is The Stockyards, which was founded in 1947 and still represents one of the most reputable steakhouses in the city.

To experience the unique cuisine of Mexican American culture, head to Barrio Café. Chef Silvana’s variants of regional Mexican recipes are considered as some of the best Mexican food in the Valley. Macayo’s opened its first restaurant in 1946 and has a long tradition of serving signature, handcrafted Mexican food.

If you aren’t feeling steaks or Mexican, it’s good to know that Phoenix offers a variety of menus from all around the world. It is also home to Pizzeria Bianco, which is acknowledged as the best pizza in the country by some enthusiasts.

Phoenix Is Home to the Nightlife of the Area

When it comes to the nightlife of the region, Phoenix takes the lead by far. The city has dance clubs and breweries, but live music is also one of its favorites. For people that enjoy the Irish pub experience, Rosie McCaffrey’s is a great pick. The fish and chips are superb, and they never run out of Guinness.

Jazz and Blues lovers have nothing to worry about either. Phoenix is home to quite a bit of live music bars, like The Valley Bar, which has that speakeasy kind of vibe, along with a concert area. The Womack is another popular spot that plays jazz.


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