Make Your Trip to Philly Memorable by Trying Out These Cuisines from Around the World

Make Your Trip to Philly Memorable by Trying Out These Cuisines from Around the World
21 Jun 2019

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Philadelphia is one of the oldest cities in the USA, but over the years has played host to a bustling diaspora of immigrants. From Italians to Israelis, every country and community has left its mark on the food cooked and eaten here.

When you visit any of the numerous restaurants, you will find classic American cuisine, and Italian-American delicacies, Indian restaurants, and food from all over the world. You will see old recipes being lovingly reproduced, and also new variations that the young crowd will enjoy. Let us bring you a random list (not a ranking) of the foods you must surely sample when you visit Philadelphia.

Philly cheesesteak

Foods of Philly

Philly is well known for the popular cheesesteak sandwich, which you can find almost anywhere you go in the The City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection. But, we’re going to highlight foods from around the world that can be found in Philadelphia:


This smoked goat dish is an Italian classic which is most famous at Vetri Cucina. The tender insides bursting forth from a crunchy skin not only gladden the heart, but they also make you marvel at the perfectionists who prepare these dishes.

Gambas al Ajillo:

This is a garlic shrimp dish brought in all the way from Spain. The cooking medium is almost Italian though – olive oil. Along with garlic (obviously) and chilies, the dish is prepared in a broth made with parsley, lemon juice, and garlic slices. The serving utensil is a cazuela made of stone, imparting a great flavor to the dish.

Philly lamb

Lamb Shoulder:

The lamb is braised in a pool of pomegranate, and once done, is served with a generous helping of chickpea. Although the name of the dish is neutral enough, you can understand its Middle Eastern origins once you see and taste it.

philly pasta

Meatballs and Gravy:

Head to Villa di Roma for the red sauce and soft meatballs which make up their signature dish. You can select any combination with the meatballs and gravy – ravioli or spaghetti. This dish is as much a part of popular Philadelphia culture as Harrah’s Philadelphia Race Track picks.

Philly oysters


You might have sampled oysters at many places across the world, but this all American outlet called Oyster House gives you the freshest you can find. You will be served this delicacy within 24 hours of the oysters being taken out of the water.

Philly pho


Time to move on to south-east Asia now, and this wonderfully aromatic comfort food is available at an authentic restaurant called Thang Long. You can opt for either beef or chicken, and we can assure you both are equally delectable.

Snapper Soup:

This is one of the local delicacies, and this heartwarming soup is almost synonymous with this city. It is a delightful mishmash of tasty ingredients like vegetables, turtle meat, a hardboiled egg and even a dash of sherry.


Time for some desserts now, with this delectable pudding that is best had at Barbuzzo. It has several layers, and you will sample cookie crumbs, whipped cream and salted caramel sauce in every spoonful.

These were just eight of the dishes from around the world that you will find in Philadelphia. There are several more, but these are the ones not to be missed.

Bon appetite!

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