A Farm To Table Experience At Pagua Bay Bar & Grill in Dominica #ad #BDKDominica #DiscoverDominica

A Farm To Table Experience At Pagua Bay Bar & Grill in Dominica #ad #BDKDominica #DiscoverDominica
25 Oct 2019

Disclosure: My food at Pagua Bay Bar & Grill was covered by Discover Dominica Authority. All opinions are my own.

Pagua Bay Bar & Grill

Pagua Bay Bar & Grill offers a locally-focused menu, in an open air concept industrial setting. You can choose between sitting in the covered area looking out onto the patio, or enjoy the refreshing Caribbean air of the patio seating.

If it is grown in the region, it is served in season. With a farm to table approach, Pagua Bay Bar & Grill sources fresh local ingredients, and use them to make fresh baked goods, jellies, ice cream, soups, and main course meals.

pagua bay bar and grill fresh fruits

Dominica has an abundance of fruits and vegetables. Every day, staff from Pagua Bay House head out to buy local produce and meats to serve at the restaurant. They always come back with an abundance of fresh goodness. Supporting the community of farmers by purchasing all of their meat and produce locally is important to owners Rick and Alicia.

To complement their food menu, Pagua Bay Bar & Grill has a wonderful selection of wine, beer, and custom cocktails. Anything from Dominica’s own Kubuli golden lager to a the famed Centipede Rum Punch, made with local island rums. You will also find freshly squeezed local juices any time of day.

What I Ate

There were so many awesome options on the menu, but I was determined to try things that jumped out at me, and that featured local ingredients

On the evening we got there, we had these shrimp fritters for appetizers before dinner. They were crispy on the outside, and soft and tender on the inside. We added a touch of hot sauce to the aioli sauce that accompanied them, and it was the perfect mix of taste and heat.

For dinner, I had the curried shrimps with rice and vegetables. The curry was coconut-based, with a touch of heat. The veggies were tender, and the shrimp were cooked just right. Delicious!

For breakfast the next morning, I started off with some fresh local fruit. Pineapple, watermelon, guava, and oranges. So fresh, juicy, and bursting with flavour!

I ordered the sailfish with provisions for my main. This is a common breakfast in the Caribbean, consisting of salted cod, plantains, dasheen, yams, and salad. While this may not be something we would eat for breakfast in North America, it certainly was a great way to start the day, and eating what the locals eat was pretty awesome!


Pagua Bay Bar & Grill has a menu filled with items sure to please everyone’s palate.


Seasonal Fresh Local Fruit Plate
Housemaid Greek Yogurt: granola, fresh local fruit
Granola Cereal or Oatmeal: fresh local fruit
Housemaid Bagel and Cream Cheese: plain, everything, or cinnamon raisin
Omelette: three egg cheese omelette, housemaid multigrain toast. Add onion, tomato, black olives, pico de gallo, bacon, ham, salt fish
Local Breakfast: salt fish, salad, provisions, housemade bakes
Traditional: two eggs any style, two strips of bacon, housemade multigrain toast
Homemade Pancakes: two extra large pancake served with maple syrup and butter
Egg and Cheese Sandwich: fried egg, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, housemade multigrain bun
Breakfast Sandwich: fried egg, bacon, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, housemade multigrain bun
Bagel Sandwich: fried egg, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, housemade bagel of your choice
Breakfast Burrito: housemade corn tortilla, scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, sour cream, pick de gallo, lettuce
Pagua Bay Skillet: Fried potatoes, bacon, onion, bell peppers, cheddar cheese, sour cream, topped with two eggs any style



Soup of the Day: garlic bread
Mahi-Mahi Ceviche: fried plantain chips
Sautéed Thai Calamari: sesame ginger reduction, sweet bell peppers, garlic bread
Calamari Fritti: fried, creamy dipping sauce
Dasheen Puffs: spicy aioli dipping sauce
Shrimp Fritters: shrimp, sweet pepper, onions, spices, battered deep fried, spicy aioli dipping sauce
French Fry Basket
Garlic Bread
Chicken Chunks: local chicken, lightly dusted, deep fried


Cobb Salad: cucumber, carrot, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, black olives, bacon, boiled egg. Add chicken (grilled or jerk), shrimp, or Mahi-Mahi (grilled or jerk)
Caesar Salad: fresh grated Parmesan, Kalamata olives, croutons, housemaid Caesar dressing. Add chicken (grilled or jerk), shrimp, or Mahi-Mahi (grilled or jerk)


Housemade corn tortillas, purple and white cabbage, pico de gallo, special sauce, mozzarella cheese, and choice of filling
• Grilled Fish
• Grilled Chicken
• Pulled Pork
• Curried Goat
• Veggie
• Plantain Chips and Pico de Gallo
• French Fries


All Beef Burger: quarter pound grilled to perfection
Veggie Burger: Housemade black bean and veggie patty, mozzarella cheese, spicy aioli sauce
Grilled Chicken Sandwich: skinless boneless chicken breast, lightly seasoned or jerked
Caribbean Mahi-Mahi Sandwich: boneless skinless flaky white fish, grilled with light seasoning or jerked
Pulled Pork Sandwich: slow roasted local pork
BLT: classic bacon, lettuce, and tomato

pagua bay bar and grill entrance



Ginger Glazed Mahi-Mahi: a succulent fillet white fish grilled topped with a sweet and tangy ginger glaze reduction, served with a side of rice with fresh grilled vegetables
Creole Chicken: grilled boneless skinless chicken breast marinated in a tomato based sauce with onion, garlic & fresh herbs, served with fresh grilled vegetables and rice
Coconut Curry Vegetables: sautéed seasonal grilled vegetables in a creamy homemade coconut curry sauce, served with rice. Order with shrimp, Mahi-Mahi, chicken breast, or boneless goat.
Creole Pasta: Penne pasta with fresh diced tomato, onion, garlic, and fresh herbs. Order with shrimp, Mahi-Mahi, or chicken breast.


• Garlic Bread
• Garden Salad
• Caesar Salad
• Potato (baked or mashed)
• Herbed Rice


• New York Style Cheesecake
• Creme Caramel (Flan)
• Housemade Ice Cream

Some menu items change with the seasons. Pagua Bay Bar & Grill will modify any of their dishes to accommodate allergies or dietary needs. Vegetarian options, such as tofu & seitan (a vegan meat substitute made entirely out of hydrated gluten), are available as a protein substitute.


Pagua Bay Bar & Grill is located at:
Pagua Bay House, Pagua Bay, Marigot, Dominica
Phone: 1-767-612-6068


Open 8:00am to 8:00pm daily

pagua bay bar and grill sign

Grab a Bite at Pagua Bay Bar & Grill

The food and service at Pagua Bay Bar & Grill are amazing! You don’t need to stay at Pagua Bay House to enjoy Pagua Bay Bar & Grill (although, I do highly recommend staying). Reservations are recommended.

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