Travel Essentials: Pack Like a Fashion Publicist

Travel Essentials: Pack Like a Fashion Publicist
09 Dec 2022

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One part fashion maven, one part news correspondent, and one part politician – the fashion publicist knows how to pack for the project. When you’re tweaking the message, you need to speak directly to your fashion constituency, so what you pack in that carry-on is what it’s all about. Clothing that looks good, is comfortable, and is presentable in a variety of settings, is the fashion publicist’s packing mission.

So, let’s learn the secrets of identifying travel essentials so you can pack like a fashion publicist. Here, you’ll learn to pack in a way that’s targeted to your destination and matches your planned activities on arrival.

Mix and Match Fashion Fundamentals

It’s tempting to overpack, as anyone who’s ever traveled knows. We tend to allow overplanning and potential mishaps to cloud our vision. Further, many of us don’t start packing until the last possible minute. The trick is to plan complete outfits with pieces you can mix and match. That takes a bit of organization. PRO-TIP: Choose neutrals to get the most bang for your travel wardrobe buck.

Comfort matters, but as any fashion publicist knows, looking good should mesh with comfort. Casual elegance is achieved by wearing fashion fundamentals that work together, fit well, and are wrinkle-resistant. Work from a base like a pair of trousers or leggings. Then add items like fitted t-shirts and button-up shirts. If you’re traveling this winter, pack a sweater that works with everything else you’re bringing. Better yet, wear the sweater under your coat to free up space in your bag.

Pack Flat. Don’t Roll!

Contrary to popular belief, rolling your clothes is the road to wrinkles and wrinkled clothing spells “sad” in the mind of a fashion publicist. Pack flat, grouping like items together. Start with trousers, jeans, or leggings on the bottom, then t-shirts and shirts. Small items like socks, hosiery, and underwear can go in interior pockets. If you’re packing neckties or belts, these can be packed around the edges of your bags. Rolling them takes up more space.

But even if you’re packing flat, wrinkles can happen when clothes are packed tightly in your luggage. So think about the clothing you’re packing and how prone it is to wrinkling. Select pieces that fit your trip’s purpose, made from fabrics less vulnerable to wrinkling.

About the Shoes

A fashion publicist is sure to take a great pair of shoes with them for those moments demanding additional flair. But a fashion publicist is also going to be judicious when selecting those shoes. You don’t pack that amazing pair of red brogues just because the world needs to experience them!

Comfort and practicality that’s still presentation-conscious is your goal. The shoes you wear on the plane should be sturdy and comfortable enough to wear without discomfort for the duration of your flight. If it’s winter, opt for shoes or boots that do it all while protecting your feet from the elements, especially if you’re going somewhere with snow on the ground. Fashion footwear matters but if your footwear’s not appropriate to your purpose, you’ll regret it. So, think carefully about footwear, taking into account the season, the destination, and the purpose of your trip. PRO-TRIP – One sturdy pair on your feet and one more dress-conscious pair in your bag will be enough if you choose thoughtfully.

The Personal Item

While we should all know this, sometimes we get a little fuzzy while traveling. So having the right personal item to carry on board in addition to your carry-on bag is a travel essential. This bag is where you’ll keep your passport, ticket, laptop or tablet, mobile device, and other key “non-negotiables” like your trusty (empty, please) vape pen. There’s nothing worse than arriving at a customs window not knowing where your passport is, so be intentional about packing it.

The personal item is a purse or laptop bag with pockets and preferably, a cross-body strap. If you’re traveling for leisure, like a hiking or hunting adventure, try a backpack that encompasses the roles of carry-on and personal item in one convenient package. Backpacks are ideal for outdoor sports enthusiasts, including a convenient place for must-have hunting accessories. In fact, they present a terrific alternative for all leisure travelers, holding everything you need in a bag you can wear on your back. But remember: that puppy’s got to fit under the seat in front of you and meet the sizing rules of your airline.

Even a Fashion Publicist Needs a List

Sure, you’ve done this before. You’re a veteran packer/traveler! But you should still make a list before you start packing. You may believe you’ve got it “all in your head” but we all know the pitfalls of that strategy. The mobile starts beeping, buzzing, or singing your favorite song. You’re interrupted and your mental list disintegrates.

So, write it all down. Don’t be proud because even a savvy fashion publicist needs a list. Decide what you’ll take, then write it down and put your list where it won’t be lost. Then, check off items as you’re packing them. This is the only foolproof way to arrive at your destination with everything you need and it’s one of the best ways to assure stress-free travel.

The Zen of Packing Like a Fashion Publicist

The keyword for packing like a fashion publicist is “Zen”. Zen counsels functional minimalism that doesn’t clutter up your vibe with the unnecessary. Packing like a fashion publicist is no different! So, ask yourself if something you’re packing is necessary or just a random whim. Don’t clutter up your packing vibe!

Getting into that fashion publicist Zen packing space requires a little organization, some focus, and a huge dash of self-awareness. You know what you really need, so just like a fashion publicist, you can now get it down to the bare essentials!

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