Owning A Toyota RAV4 And Keeping On Top Of Common Niggles

Owning A Toyota RAV4 And Keeping On Top Of Common Niggles
21 Jan 2021

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The Toyota RAV4 is an extremely popular car across the world. Most people love the fact that it possesses all of the benefits of an SUV, yet in a more compact size and appearance. The car has been available for purchase for 17 years now, and with each new model that comes, there seems little chance of the popularity of the vehicle slowing down.

Nevertheless, every single type of car has its own problems. And so, considering the positivity that surrounds the Toyota RAV4, you may be interested to discover some information regarding some of the common problems and which models they usually occur in.

From the information and figures compiled on the internet, it would seem that most of the problems experienced occur with the 2002 version of the RAV4. Aside from this, there are also a significantly higher number of problems reported with the 2006 and 2007 version than they are with regards to the other model year Toyota RAV4 cars. You can visit this site if you want to upgrade your RAV4 to one of the newer models.

In addition to this, most problems seem to revolve around the vehicle’s power train. A significant number of Toyota RAV4 problems that have occurred revolve around automatic transmission issues. With a lot of individuals complaining that they experienced a sudden jerk motion when driving, which undoubtedly took a lot of people by surprise.

When it comes to uncommon Toyota RAV4 problems there are obviously a lot of issues that fall into this category. After all, if a car was to experience a wealth of problems, then it probably wouldn’t sell very well, that’s for sure. Nevertheless, there seems to be rarely any issues reported relating to the following concerns; interior lighting, parking brake problems, air brake issues, the locking system, exterior lighting, or traction issues.

The biggest misconception when it comes to Toyota RAV4s is that people seem to think that they can fix their ECU unit by themselves – or that they can at least give it a go. The ECU is the engine control unit, and this is often a place whereby a lot of problems can occur in the car because it controls various different outputs. Nevertheless, when an individual is experiencing an issue with their RAV4 they go straight to their ECU and start tampering. This leads to a lot of issues and is one of the reasons why so many Toyota repair shops are so busy today – because individuals often end up creating a much bigger problem than there even was, to begin with.

So there you have it; all you need to know about the problems which occur with the popular Toyota RAV4 and which ones you are least likely to experience as well. There is no doubt about it that the positives outweigh the negatives with this car, hence why it is such a popular model today. Nevertheless, if you are planning on buying one then you may want to stay away from the 2002 version. Moreover, don’t go tampering with your ECU unit like many others do, head straight to a trusted repair shop!

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