How Online Casino Slots Mirrored the Internet’s Growth

How Online Casino Slots Mirrored the Internet’s Growth
03 Jun 2019

Online casino games stand among the most powerful forces in the modern online entertainment industry. Having existed alongside the internet in some form or another since its early days, what’s really notable is just how far this form of gaming has come. In many ways, each step of this industry has mirrored the greater internet’s evolution, and that’s what we want to look at here today.

For those of us old enough to remember, the times of relying on dialup internet were frustrating, to say the least. Operating at speeds which are simply unusable today, many games, while technically capable of online connectivity, were not really feasible to play with their slow loading times and lag.

As it turns out, this would be a contributing factor to the early rise of online casino games like slots. Unlike traditional video games, casino games drew their success from simple to learn and difficult to master systems. They didn’t require flashy graphics or large downloads, so they excelled in this early world.

casino games gaming keyboard

Over time, as the internet and computers became faster, the complexity of both the general internet and casino website slots increased. Suddenly, more detail and better graphics were common, and this is a trend which continues to this day.

Perhaps the most visible change, at least in the modern era, comes from our adoption of smartphones and tablets. As the internet has moved into developments like HTML5, making elements of the internet mobile-accessible has become all the more important.

Initially, as with the general internet, slot games moved to mobiles and HTML5 with slightly different versions of their games. Over time, and as techniques and technology improved, this moved to a more integrated single system. Today, slot games are more automatically translated to mobile devices, in much the same manner as other websites.

The final step within this proliferation has been the growth of the surrounding infrastructure. With online casinos now so widespread, players have turned to websites like Online Slots Canada, a review and comparison hub for online slots, to help narrow down their choices. These not only help players find the best websites for specific bonuses and game types, but they also let them know which websites can cater to a specific country’s laws, as is the case here with Canada in particular.

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Again, this follows the type of online development seen by other websites and online services. Choice is so expansive today that people need a guide, and that is exactly the route which online slots and casinos have taken.

As for what this means for the next generation of the internet, this remains to be seen. If the past is any indication, whatever route the internet takes will be quickly adopted by the online casino industry, if not the other way round. If you do play online slots, and you notice any big changes then be aware, other websites will probably soon follow suit.

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