ONE Score by Purina: Helping you evaluate your dog’s health. #StormLiveBig

ONE Score by Purina: Helping you evaluate your dog’s health. #StormLiveBig
14 Apr 2017

Launched on National Pet Day, the ONE Score is a scoring tool designed to help pet owners measure and understand their dog’s overall health.

Developed by a panel of experts, including an animal nutritionist and a practicing small animal veterinarian, Purina ONE’s new ONE Score assigns an overall rating. This “score” provides owners an assessment of their dog’s health, and gives them recommended next steps.

This tool isn’t meant to replace a veterinary visit… it is to complement it. You can walk in with your pooch fully prepared to answer any questions, without having to think about it… because it is right there on your ONE Score card!

What is ONE Score

The ONE Score

ONE Score concentrates on 7 areas: Breath smell, dental appearance, energy, appetite, coat, skin, and bowel movement.

Breath Smell

Do you know of any dog that has great breath? LOL! Storm’s isn’t terrible. We don’t feed her human food, and we give her DentalLife chews regularly. She is always giving us kisses. Not something we would want her to do if her breath was bad. But, she is a dog, and I am being realistic with this one.

ONE Score Breath Smell

ONE Score – Breath Smell: 4

Dental Appearance

Storm is 17 months old, so her teeth are still quite beautiful. We brush her teeth regularly, to ensure she keeps those chompers pearly white.

ONE Score Dental Appearance

ONE Score – Dental Appearance: 5


This is not an area we would ever worry for Storm. She does laps of our backyard every time she goes outside. Storm gets a big high 5 in this category, and we get a much deserved nap.

ONE Score Energy

ONE Score – Energy: 5


Storm loves her food. She’s got a pretty kick-ass feeding station, which catches everything she drops. She’s made a bit of a game out of it. She will purposely drop food, look at us, and then pick up the food she dropped and eat it. It’s quite comical to watch her eat. She eats her food, and when she is hungry, she lets us know.

ONE Score Appetite

ONE Score – Appetite: 5


Soft and silky. Storm is so awesome to cuddle with, not only because she is warm, but because her fur is so smooth. With regular brushes and visits to the groomer, her fur is paw-fect!

ONE Score Coat

ONE Score – Coat: 5


We take Storm to the vet regularly. She loves it there! The veterinary staff at Southside Pet Hospital does an amazing job with her. They check her coat and her skin as part of a complete body examination at each visit. Storm’s skin is in great shape!

ONE Score Skin

ONE Score – Skin: 5

Bowel Movement

Well I don’t think a picture of Storm’s poop would go over too well here, so you’re just gonna have to trust me on this one. That being said, the picture above is our backyard – her prime running area and where she goes to the bathroom most of the time. She has a healthy bowel system, and is regular. We have had her stool tested a few times at our veterinarian, and the results are always “she’s doing great”. She has had her days where her stool isn’t solid, but it is usually the days she decides to eat grass, or finds something to chew on (like branches or leaves). For the most part, she is quite easy to clean up after.

ONE Score Bowel Movement

ONE Score – Bowel Movement: 4

ONE Score completed card

Storm scored 33!

After tallying all of the points in the 7 areas, Storm scored a 33. After you tay your score, cross-reference it to the chart on the back of ONE Score.

30 – 35 points:
Good news; your dog is in great condition. There may be some small areas for improvement so, focus on the categories you scored lowest.

21 – 29 points:
Your dog is in fair health. There are still areas that can be improved. Book an appointment with your veterinarian to discuss how to improve.

20 points or less, 1 or 2 in any category*:
Follow-up with your veterinarian right away. There are likely many areas of your dog’s health that need to be analyzed.
*If you scored 1 or 2 in any category, regardless of your total score, please consult a veterinarian.

ONE Score card

How can you get a ONE Score?

The ONE Score is a valuable tool for us. We will be keeping it on file, and doing the checklist each month, to ensure Storm is healthy.

To download your very own ONE Score, visit

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Disclaimer: Storm and I are Purina Canada ambassadors. All opinions are our own. Woof… er… word.

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  1. Love this scoring system. A great way to keep a fur baby’s health in check.
    Fabulous post…thanks for sharing!

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