4 Essentials To Boost Your Home Office Productivity

4 Essentials To Boost Your Home Office Productivity
05 Nov 2018

Welcome to your home office! If you’re new to the remote working lifestyle, you have probably read everything under the sun about maintaining your productivity from home. The secret is to keep a tight schedule between work time and family time. But somehow, even when you’ve shared your working hours with your friends and relatives and ensured that nobody would disrupt you in the middle of your day, you can experience what experts call the “home office slump”. Indeed, working from home is a radical change of environment, and if you’ve been used to sitting in an urban office all your professional life, it can be tricky to adjust to your new workplace. Thankfully, some clever tips can get you in the mood in no time.

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1. Keep your devices accessible

You need to print out a document, but to do that, you have first to unplug your phone charger to plug the printer. As you’ve connected the printer via USB to your laptop, you can’t charge the phone through the same way – there’s already your tablet and an external sound device connected via USB too! In short, your desk is a wild jungle of cables that you constantly need to plug in and out depending on what you need to use. This has to stop! Aside from costing you a lot of time, it’s frustrating and damages your productivity. You can fix most cable issues with a USB hub to keep all your devices connected and charged at all times. Additionally, a multi-socket will also make a great deal of difference in the long term!

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2. An indispensable standing desk

A chair and a desk, that’s all you need in a minimalist home office. Do you think so? In reality, an adjustable, standing desk can perfectly replace your old-fashioned chair and desk combination. Indeed, sitting all day is detrimental to your health. On the contrary, standing up at your desk keeps your blood flow free and, one good thing never comes alone, makes you more productive.

3. Purify your indoor air

Your indoor air is not as pure as you might think. The presence of tiny toxins can gradually affect your concentration, your respiratory health, and your overall cognitive abilities. Unfortunately, toxic particles can come from a variety of sources – from plywood furniture to your cleaning products. Consequently, the first step to thinking creatively is to invest in quality filters – if you’re considering the purchase of fiberglass filters for your A/C system, you should read this informative article first. Additionally, houseplants such as the Philodendron, the Bamboo palm, and the Rubber plant can significantly improve the quality of your indoor air by actively removing toxins.

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4. Make a good cuppa to start the day

There’s no work without a good cup of coffee. Ultimately, there’s more truth in the saying that you could ever know. A cup of coffee can make you more alert and speed up connections in your brain, which in the long term makes you more creative and productive. However, for a lot of home-based workers, the only cup of coffee they get is instant coffee powder during breakfast. If you intend to work extensive hours, you should invest in a quality coffee machine.

It’s time to transform your home office into a productive oasis that boosts your cognitive abilities, your creativity, and your overall health.

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