No-Nonsense Habits Of Super Healthy People

No-Nonsense Habits Of Super Healthy People
14 Aug 2020

Healthy people have all the advantages in life. They can work longer hours, put more energy into their talents and skills, and be constantly on the move when the average person would have puttered out a long time ago.

But being healthy in our current culture is notoriously difficult. Civilization is an enemy of good health because it reduces the physical challenges we face while at the same time surrounding us with toxic chemicals and food. Being healthy in the past – from a metabolic standpoint – was easy. Today, it’s practically impossible. And that’s not an exaggeration.

Recently, the American Dietetics Association collected data on the number of people eating a healthy diet. Their requirements were pretty basic: consuming meat less than twice a week, getting at least five portions of fruits and veggies every day, and eating some whole grains. It was healthier than the usual, but not that healthy. Even so, less than one in a thousand people met this standard – a remarkable finding.

When it comes to health in the modern world, then it’s not easy. That’s why so many people at the top of their game take a no-nonsense approach to the matter.

Habit #1: They Look After Their Oral Health

Healthy people know that what goes on in their mouths affects the rest of their bodies. An abscess under a tooth causes a systemic response that slowly damages the rest of their tissues and heightens inflammation. For that reason, they make good choices for oral health, ensuring that they clean their teeth twice per day and avoid excess sugar. Where oral health is good, the rest of the body tends to follow.

Habit #2: They Turn The Lights Out Early

Sleep is a crucial weapon against the health insults of the modern world. Our lives are much more complicated than those of hunter-gatherers, and the cognitive overhead is tremendous. If anything, we need more sleep than our ancestors to cope with the cognitive demands placed on our lives. With that said, the vast majority of people don’t get enough sleep. Average sleep times have gone down in the last forty years by about half an hour per night, meaning that most people are getting around 6 hours 30 minutes per night. That’s not enough.

Prioritizing sleep means turning the lights out and switching off the smartphone. Any less, and health freaks know that their grueling schedule will catch up with them.

Habit #3: They Monitor Their Internal Conversations

You might not think it, but the types of conversations you have with yourself have a massive impact on the way that you feel about your life. If you keep them kind, you can reduce stress and bolster your immune responses. If they’re cruel, you’ll always feel anxious and “not good enough.”

Monitoring your internal conversation means looking out for signs that you’re mistreating yourself. A general rule of thumb is that if you wouldn’t say something to a colleague at work, you shouldn’t say it to yourself.

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