Watch the NHL Playoffs at Buffalo Wild Wings!

Watch the NHL Playoffs at Buffalo Wild Wings!
28 Apr 2017

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What’s better than watching the Toronto Maple Leafs? Watching them on a big screen with your family or friends.

What is even better than that? Being at a great restaurant with your family or friends, that serves awesome chicken wings, has your favourite beer on tap, and has several large screens. That’s what Buffalo Wild Wings is to me.

Family, Friends, or work colleagues.

We go to Buffalo Wild Wings regularly. While not always the same location, the restaurants are all set up the same, with TVs surrounding the dining room, and the bar.

It’s one of our places to head out for dinner and watch the Leafs play, or watch our other favourite sports teams.

We have been lucky enough to meet several Leaf Alumni at BWW viewing parties, including Doug Gilmour…

… and Darcy Tucker.

Buffalo Wild Wings is a great destination for events as well. The last #SaugaTweetup was at Buffalo Wild Wings, and it was awesome!

My work team has also met for lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings when in town.

Catch the NHL playoffs!

The beloved boys in blue made the playoffs this year! That right there is a reason to enjoy some beer and wings. It sucks that they got eliminated by Washington, but it’s pretty awesome that they made the playoffs. Like all Leaf fans say… there’s always next year!

hockey chicken wings maple leafs

For a second year, Buffalo Wild Wings has partnered with the Toronto Maple Leafs to have an interactive hockey experience – including meet and greets with Leaf Alumni. Buffalo Wild Wings has become your hockey gameday headquarters! You can check out Buffalo Wild Wings on Facebook and Twitter to get the most up to date details on the exciting interactive viewing experiences for fans in the Greater Toronto Area.

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Disclaimer: I am a helping to promote hockey at Buffalo Wild Wings.

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  1. I love Darryl Sittler, he’s the best!

  2. My favourite Toronto Maple Leafs player of all time is Darryl Sittler, he was an awesome team player.

  3. Curtis McElhinney

    The goalie !

    Have to love the goalies

  4. My favourite past player is Dion Phaneuf.He is now an Ottawa Senator where we live.

  5. ‘The King’ Börje Salming

  6. I’m going back to the 80’s with my favorite is Wendel Clark!

  7. Lanny McDonald great player and awesome moustache too lol

  8. Mike Palmateer. I have a thing for goalies :D

  9. I love Tie Domi.. He has to be my favorite all time player but, on the current team I love Fredik Andersen.. Goalies steal my heart..

  10. good ole Börje Salming

  11. Wendel Clark is my favourite.

  12. Börje Salming

  13. I will pick Börje Salming

  14. I would go with Lanny McDonald.

  15. My all time favorite is Doug Gilmour.

  16. I’m a Flames fan so I will have to go with Lanny McDonald and Doug Gilmour!

  17. My favourite player of all time is Wendel Clark. Absolutely the best!

  18. Mine is Wendel Clark!

  19. My favourite Toronto Maple Leaf player of all time was Frank Mahovlich. He had the most incredible slapshot -so powerful and I loved the way he skated (he was so big and his strides were so long that it looked like he was strolling up the ice).

  20. Wendell Clark!

  21. I love Wendel Clark – great player and great guy!

  22. I like Darryl Sittler!

  23. Wendel Clark is my fave

  24. Dion Phaneuf is my favourite past Toronto Maple Leaf player.

  25. I like Auston Matthews!

  26. * Börje Salming

  27. : May 2, 2017 at 3:47 pm

    My favorite is Wendel Clark.

  28. Wendel Clark is definitely my favourite!

  29. My favourite is Lanny McDonald. He is such a good player and a very approachable guy plus he played with the Calgary Flames.

  30. Börje Salming

  31. I like Auston Matthews

  32. My all time favorite Leaf player has been Felix Potvin

  33. Wendel Clark

  34. Wendel Clark is my favourite

  35. I liked Börje Salming

  36. I would have to go with Börje Salming

  37. i’ve always liked Tie Domi

  38. Dion Phaneuf is my favourite past player.

  39. Going to go with Börje Salming

  40. Wendel Clark!

  41. Dion Phaneuf is my favourite player.

  42. I would have to say Wendal Clark is my favourite.

  43. Dion Phaneuf is my favourite past player.Hope you are taking the family out for Mother’s Day.

  44. My pick is Börje Salming

  45. I’ll always be an Allan Bester fan! #Besterforprimeminister

  46. Wendel clark

  47. Definitely Wendel Clark!

  48. Wendel Clark for me

  49. Todd Gill he era 1987-88 and on of course

  50. Daryl Sittler is very close but I got the opportunity to meet and skate with Borje Salming when I was a kid so I would say he was my favourite.

  51. My first most favourite will always be Palmateer

  52. Wendel Clark

  53. Dion Phaneuf is my favourite past player.

  54. Wendell Clark!!!!

  55. Always the Goalies – so right now it’s Freddie Andersen

  56. I’d have to say my favorite would be Lanny McDonald.

  57. My favourite past player is Dion Phaneuf.

  58. Börje Salming :)

  59. Borje Salming was an exciting player to watch and my favourite Leaf of all time.

  60. Think I will go with another favourite today Wendal Clark.

  61. Go Sens go.Dion Phaneuf is my favourite past player.

  62. Wendel Clark Rocks

  63. Mats Sundin is a personal hero!

  64. Mine is definitely Wendel Clark!

  65. Wendel Clark or Börje Salming

  66. Wendel Clark or Börje Salming

  67. Dion Phaneuf is my favourite past player and he is on to the next round in the playoffs.

  68. I have a soft spot for goalies ;) Palmateer will always be one of my favourites.

  69. Börje Salming is going to be my pick

  70. Mine is Wendel Clark he rules

  71. erin mcsweeney : May 11, 2017 at 2:20 pm

    my favourite all time player is Doug Gilmour

  72. Dion Phaneuf is my favourite past player.Go Sens go.

  73. Wendel Clark is my favourite!

  74. Mats Sundin is my favourite

  75. The list of great goalies continues… Terry Sawchuk

  76. Mats Sundin was so good!

  77. Wendel Clark Rocks all the way

  78. Wendell Clark

  79. Dion Phaneuf is my favourite past player.Watching him in the playoffs tonight,

  80. Börje Salming….

  81. Any of the goalies but especially Palmateer :D

  82. Börje salming mainly because he was one of my Dad’s fave

  83. Inge Hammarstrom

  84. Wendell Clark! I met his parents years ago.

  85. Dion phaneuf is our favourite leaf

  86. I am going to be watching my favourite past player Dion Phaneuf in the playoffs tonight.

  87. Forgot to post my name.

  88. Wendel Clark YAY

  89. Börje Salming….is the one I would pick

  90. Tie Domi has always been my favourite, cant get past him.

  91. uhm the goalies! Palmateer was my favourite

  92. Dave Keon is one of my favourite Leafs.

  93. My Dad likes Börje Salming so have to go with him.

  94. Doug Gilmore is really nice

  95. My favourite Toronto Maple Leaf player of all time is Red Kelly! I always say it’s Carlton when I’m joking with my hubby though!

  96. Always the goalies, crazy Eddie, popcorn, Mac.

  97. Börje salming is my all-time favourite. I got to meet and skate with him when I was 10 year old. Still one of the greatest memories of my childhood.

  98. Johnny Bower seems cool

  99. Lanny McDonald is my favourite player who used to play for the Toronto Maple Leafs. I really enjoyed watching him play when he played for the Calgary Flames and won the Stanley Cup.

  100. I would go with my Dad’s favourite Börje Salming

  101. Mats Sundin

  102. As always – the goalies – especially Palmateer

  103. Borje Salming is my favourite leaf of all time.

  104. My Dad would pick Börje Salming so I would have to go with him.

  105. Lots of awesome players but for me Wendell Clark!!!!

  106. Dion Phaneuf is my favourite past player.Another playoff game to watch him in tonight.

  107. Börje Salming… Dad would be happy with this choice :)

  108. Daryl Sittler

  109. Wow there are so many to choice from… My favourite pick would be Borje Salming

  110. Börje Salming…..wings are a great game night choice!

  111. Hap Holmes – one of the first Leafs’ goalies

  112. Mats Sundin is my fave

  113. Right now – andersson!

  114. Wendel Clark is another fave in my family

  115. Lanny McDonald is my all time favourite Maple Leaf.

  116. Always the goalies :)

  117. Wendel Clark

  118. Wendel Clark

  119. Hmmm also Darcy Tucker

  120. Darryl Sittler

  121. Going with Wendel Clark for todays pick

  122. Former player Lanny McDonald is my favourite player.

  123. Mike Palmateer.

  124. Wendel Clark Rocks – WOO HOO

  125. Mike Palmateer

  126. Lanny McDonald was my favourite Leafs player.

  127. Wendel Clark is definitely one

  128. How about Sundin today. He was great.

  129. Doug Gilmour is my all time fave!

  130. Darcy Tucker

  131. Wendel Clark is great

  132. Lanny McDonald is my favourite former player from the Toronto Maple Leafs

  133. Lanny McDonald is my favourite former player from the Toronto Maple Leafs

  134. So many to choose from…..Wendel Clark

  135. So many awesome players but Wendel Clark Rocks

  136. Ty Domi

  137. Lanny McDonald is my favourite Toronto Maple Leaf player of all time

  138. I like Wendel Clark!

  139. So many to choose from – Wendel Clark

  140. Wendel Clark is one of my fave picks

  141. Lanny McDonald is my favourite Toronto Maple Leaf player and then I was even happier when the Flames came to Canada and he joined the team.

  142. Borje Salming is my favourite Leaf player overall but Mike Palmateer is my favourite goalie

  143. …..Wendel Clark….

  144. Lanny McDonald is my favourite former player.

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