Why New York Is The World’s Best Destination

Why New York Is The World’s Best Destination
09 Mar 2020

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OK, so it’s not exactly a controversial statement to label New York as the best city in the world. But just because it’s obvious, doesn’t mean that we should celebrate The Big Apple any less. It’s a well-deserved reputation. While you can and should look at visiting those up and coming cities, ones that are emerging and on their way towards prominence, sometimes you just have to visit those out and out classic cities. So what makes New York so great, anyway? We take a look at a few reasons why below.

new york brooklyn bridge

The ‘Iconic’ Factor

It’s next to impossible to be truly surprised by New York because it’s one of those places that you feel as if you know before you’ve even been there. After all, it has appeared in oh so many movies and television shows! And even if you’ve never even visited the United States, you would be able to name at least three attractions in New York. So this is perhaps one of the main draws of the city — it feels familiar from the very first moment that you land. And in a way, it’s your home as much as anyone else’s: it is, after all, the world’s city.

new york george washington bridge

It Can Be Affordable

There’s a misconception that New York is an expensive place to visit. While you can spend many thousands of dollars if you so wish, it’s not as if you can’t have a great time with a smaller budget. Indeed, there are people who could have an outstanding time in the city with next to no money! There are plenty of affordable (and delicious) eateries all around the city, and free attractions too. And it’s not as if it costs anything to have a relaxing and fun day in Central Park. Whatever your budget, you can make it work.

new york times square

Range of Activities

Perhaps the most exciting thing about New York is the sheer range of activities that it provides for its visitors. In New York, there’s a little something for everyone. There are kids activities, activities for couples, events, and then, of course, there’s the matter of all the most famous attractions. No matter what kind of fun you’re looking for in New York, you’ll find it. There are some essential ‘must visit’ places, but even once you’ve worked your way through all of them, you’ll be far from becoming bored. If you do want to take part in activities, make sure you book some luggage storage in advance. You can easily do a search for lockers Penn Station to see what’s available.

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World’s Best Culture

New York’s reputation as a cultural powerhouse means that you won’t just find a wide selection of music, theatre, ballet, and other cultural performances: you’ll find the very best that the world has to offer. There’s something thrilling about knowing that you’re seeing the very best performers doing their thing.

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Repeat Visits

Finally, what rounds of New York as the best tourist destination is that you can keep on going back and always have a good time. It’s the city that’s always pushing forward, so there are always new things to see and do. You’ll just never get bored of New York, essentially!

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