New Year Resolutions, with a Netflix twist! #StreamTeam

New Year Resolutions, with a Netflix twist! #StreamTeam
18 Jan 2017

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Hi, I’m Rachel, and I am guest posting for this month’s Netflix blog post. This is not my first post on Big Daddy’s blog. I wrote about my school trip to see the Hamilton Bulldogs game in Hamilton. That is my second post. Enjoy!

I love Netflix, and watch some of the originals and movies when I have free time. You know, when all my home and school work is done.

In 2017, the shows I would like to start watching are:

Resolutions Lemony

1. Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events
2. Stranger Things
3. Fuller House, Season 2

I have watched the first episode of Lemony Snicket, and it was amazing
! The first book was amazing as well.

Resolutions Rachel watching Netflix

My Mom and Dad have been watching “Stranger Things”, and they tell me it is awesome! I am going to start watching it soon.

Although I have not seen any of the original episodes of Full House, I quite enjoyed watching the first season of Fuller House. I’m now watching season 2, and it is awesome! When I am done season 2, I’m going to binge watch as many Full House episodes as I can. Come on summer holidays!

So much to watch, and so little time. What are your favourite shows?

5" x 7" Resolutions Pad

2017 Netflix Resolutions

I, Rachel, resolve to watch more Netflix!
Netflix provided us with this neat New Year’s resolutions list. Instead of making resolutions we cant keep, this list is a lot more realistic, and allows us to write down the shows we want to watch.

Resolutions Trollhunters

What’s in your Netflix queue?

“Only the most handsome, talented, brilliant man of all time could come up with a list this fantastic.” Here are some cool titles that you can add to your Netflix watch list:

New On Netflix for Kids, Tweens, Teens and Families:
1. Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, Season 1 (streaming January 13th)
2. DreamWorks Trollhunters, Season 1 (streaming now)
3. Voltron: Legendary Defender, Season 2 (streaming January 20th)
4. Tarzan and Jane, Season 1 (streaming now)
5. Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh, Season 2 (streaming January 27th)
6. Kazoops!, Season 2 (streaming January 27th)

resolutions rachel writing blog post

My sister Lauren is really looking to watching “Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh”. She loved the movie!

Thanks for reading. Be sure to follow me on Instagram.

Happy streaming!


Disclaimer: I am part of the Netflix Canada Stream Team. All opinions are my own.

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