NBC is the latest major American media to partner up with a sports betting operator

NBC is the latest major American media to partner up with a sports betting operator
14 Oct 2020

One of the world’s leading media and entertainment companies, NBC, partnered up with a significant sports betting operator in late August of this year. NBC has entered a multiyear partnership with PointsBet, an Australian sports betting company.

The partnership will hopefully bring more people to use PointsBet when it comes to online sports betting, rather than another betting site.

PointsBet went public just last year and is now responsible for a plethora of online sportsbooks across the United States. The sports betting site has insisted on being a successful player in the world of sports betting, and this partnership is giving them the chance to do so.

The site has recently been popular in states such as Iowa, Colorado, New Jersey, and Illinois. While it was founded in Australia, PointsBet is a sports betting company that claims to have the most user-friendly app with the best content and features.

Right now, PointsBet is the only online sports betting site that offers a unique and innovative way to place sports bets. With bets available for all major US sports, NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL, PointsBet is rapidly growing in popularity.

PointsBet prides itself on being a high-risk, high-reward way of betting. Users are rewarded and docked based on how wrong or right their bet was. Each point of difference becomes a multiplier of the original stake, which means for a superior way to win. In other words, every bet, every play, and every goal means something.

The partnership between NBC and PointsBet means viewers will see Points Bet’s odds integrated into NBC’s sports channels. TV networks that show NHL, MLB, and NBA games will now show PointsBet features throughout the games. This also includes fantasy sports and NBC’s sports predictor site.

The partnership will bring new fans to the channel

With the new deal, Pointsbet is now the only provider of sports odds for NBC and the Golf Channel, and any online sites that are related to those brands. NBC now has its name attached to a wildly trusted sports betting company, which will be great for the entertainment channel. This will bring traffic and viewer engagement to the channel and website.

The National Broadcasting Company, commonly known as NBC, is an American television network owned by a subsidiary of Comcast called NBCUniversal.

In the official statement announcing the partnership, NBC Sports Network President David Preschlack said they are excited to start this partnership as it will enable top-class sports betting experience across multiple platforms. Sports betting, sometimes also offered as part of online casino websites, will enable significant opportunities for both parties, as sports betting gains traction in the states.

This partnership is a way that PointsBet can improve its name recognition. Because it is competing with other more significant and well-seasoned betting operators, PointsBet could use the traffic.

NBC and SportsBet have both spent significant amounts on the partnership. PointsBet has committed to almost $400 million for marketing purposes over the next five years. NBC has chosen to receive a 4.9% stake in the sports betting operator.

NBC is now on the list of entertainment and media companies that have formed deals with sports bettors in an attempt to own a corner of the ever-expanding industry in the US.

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