Moving To Toronto? Things You Should Do In Your 1st Week.

Moving To Toronto? Things You Should Do In Your 1st Week.
15 Feb 2021

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Moving to Toronto, from a small town or city can be an amazing experience. It’s a transition, which may seem overwhelming at first, but when you think about the amazing lifestyle and facilities of living in a city like Toronto, it becomes worth it.

Toronto is a great place to settle. You can’t ignore great food options, career opportunities, and all the perks that come with living in a large city. So now that you have moved to this amazing city, here are the first few things you should do ASAP.

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Update your address info on all forums

This is the first and most important thing you must do soon after moving. Update your new home’s address info for your friends and family so that they can contact you right away. Also, do so for any website that you use for online shopping, banks, as well as on your driver’s license and Service Canada.

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Learn your local directions

Grab a map if you need to. However, stick to its online version, so you do not look like a tourist in the city. Toronto is a large transit city where it is easy to get confused with directions. Try to get the hang of a few routes that lead to your home. Look at the signboards, nearby shops, and other signs that remind you of your new address.

Another idea is to learn about TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) and its routes. Even if you have your car, using the TTC is a great way to get used to the new directions and routes. You will also realize how unavailable and expensive parking is in this city. Soon, you will prefer using public transport than driving your car around Toronto.

In case you don’t live near the subway line, you can look for the bus or streetcar route. These are some of the best traveling options that will connect you with the entire city.

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Look for nearby banks

If you haven’t looked into this earlier, now is the right time. While it is always more convenient to have your own bank’s branch near your new location, this may not be the case always.

Do your research and find out if any of your current banks are in your nearby vicinity. If not, you might switch to a new bank in your locality that’s easier to access.

toronto farmers market

Look for nice grocery stores

You must know all the available facilities in your location – including a grocery store. In a city like Toronto, these little things can make a lot of difference to your quality of life. Find a local grocery store nearby for all your daily needs.

Toronto has several high-end grocery stores, boutiques, and shopping malls. So check out your commute options. It is best if you can walk to these places so make sure you look properly.

You can also look for nearby farmer markets where you can find freshest local produce at affordable prices.

Try out all the famous restaurants

How will you know if you have a new favourite restaurant in this new city? By trying out all the famous ones!

So once again, do your research and find out the most famous restaurants amongst the locals in the city and check them out. Start with the ones closest to your house, so you have a go-to place for eating out in the neighbourhood.

In Toronto, you will find tons of amazing, authentic local food. To make your relocation experience even better, explore your options and try all the amazing restaurants in the neighbourhood.

toronto coffee

Don’t give up your coffee

You can find the world-famous Starbucks around the city and use your relocation as an opportunity to try out the most incredible range of coffeehouses in your new neighborhood. The local ambiance will offer you an experience of a lifetime, and you would love to spend your time at these cafes holding a hot mug of coffee.

Look around to explore your options and try out the ones that speak to you the most. If you have a to-do list to go through in this new city, better do it at a relaxing place while enjoying your coffee.

toronto rogers centre

Be a part of the entertainment

One of the best ways to learn more about Toronto and its people is to participate one of the many festivals going on around the year. Toronto is a festival hub. You will always find tons of opportunities to check out different festivals.

You can even find a few in your neighbourhood with amazing music, people, and food. However, if you are looking forward to something top-notch, plan out for the Bestival, Buskerfest, Canadian Music Week, or other famous festivals that take place in Toronto.

toronto islands ferry dock

Don’t miss out the Toronto Islands

If you are preparing a to-do list for the first week after moving to Toronto, you cannot ignore the amazing islands. It’s the perfect getaway spot for all beach lovers. Whether you are moving during summer or winter, nothing would stop you from having an amazing experience at the best Toronto Islands.

toronto lake ontario

Besides expecting a beautiful shoreline with clear water, you can also catch a glimpse of the city’s skyline that looks breathtaking. But if you want to experience what true beauty looks like, make sure you visit the Toronto Islands when trees are all white under thick snow.

toronto dog

Bonus Tip: For Dog Lovers

If you love dogs, you have landed in the right city. Toronto loves dogs too, and you will surely experience that if you are living anywhere near Trinity Bellwoods Park. It’s the ideal place to take your dog for a stroll as they feature a special dog bowl for dogs to play. Let all the neighbourhood pups welcome your little friend too.

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Final Word

The only way you can learn more about this city and its people is if you go out and explore. If you lock yourself up or set up a tight schedule, you will miss the chances to meet new people and opportunities. Toronto is worth checking out. So after setting up your apartment, make sure you use the first week in the city falling in love with everything this amazing city has to offer!

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  1. These are some great tips :) I originally wanted to move to Toronto for university and I probably would have overlooked some of this stuff.

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