Moving Away: How To Get The Kids On Board

Moving Away: How To Get The Kids On Board
21 Oct 2019

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Moving to a new house is an adventure and it’s one that feels far better to enjoy when the entire family is involved. It’s a stressful time, moving to a new home, and when you are dealing with finding the house, uprooting your jobs, packing the belongings you have – it’s hard. There are so many things that you have to do on your to-do list already, but there is one that you need to tick off that is the most important: telling the kids.

If you want your move to be a smooth one, you need your children on board and understanding what’s ahead. They need to be confident in what’s going ahead, and keeping it a secret is not going to do you or them any favors. With the few tips below, you can get your children hopping aboard this new adventure, and when all else fails, keep in mind that there is wine at the other end and the kids will get over it. Eventually.

Rip Off the Bandaid. You’ve just got to come out with it and tell them as early as possible. You’re moving to a new place. You’ve bought the packaging for getting the house packed. You’ve got some information from Bekins Moving Solutions and you have a date set. The earlier you tell them this, the longer you have for them to adjust before you pull the rug out from under their feet – literally.

Give Them Some Choice. Children are moving to a new house, possibly a new area, so it stands to reason that you allow them to make some choices. They’re not choices that have to be difficult ones or even big ones – such as the location of the new house. But you could let them choose how they decorate their new bedroom. Personal choices allow them some control, which can make a big difference in the way that they respond to the move.

Involve Them In Packing. Hand bigger kids some boxes and ask them to sort through the things that they’d like to give to charity and that they’d like to put in the trash. Mark out an area of their bedroom with masking tape and ask them to put the things that they’d like to keep in that area so you know what to get officially packed. Again, it’s about giving them a little control.

Let Them Throw A Party. Saying goodbye to their friends is going to be a big deal for them, so why not let your kids have a party to wave bon voyage? They get to be distracted from any sad feelings in regards to the move, and they feel like they’ve earned the right to get stuck into something that doesn’t involve the actual move.

When All Else Fails: Gifts! If you still have some resistance to the move, give them a gift. It could be furniture, a new television in their new bedroom or even a trip to the shops to fill their wardrobes. No matter what, let them feel special and important and the move will work out for you.

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