Do You Need to Move House or Just Renovate?

Do You Need to Move House or Just Renovate?
02 Apr 2020

No matter who you are, there will come a time in your life where you get the itch to move out of your current home. It doesn’t matter whether you go through with it or not; it is bound to happen. However, even if you don’t go through with it, you still need to stop and consider what you are thinking about. Often, people want to move because they are over their house. They feel they need more space, or they just want a change. But is moving always the answer? Here are some questions to ask yourself to decide whether you should move or renovate.

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Is the House Suitable for Renovation?

If the house is suitable for a renovation, including having enough space around the perimeter, then it’s probably not worth moving home. With enough space, you can add a kitchen extension, conservatory, or extra room above the garage to give you more space.

Increasing the interior size of your home is something that forces many people to consider moving. If you’re able to add space to an existing build, you can think about a renovation before house hunting.

It could also be that your home doesn’t inspire the joy it once did, so going around the home and carrying out repairs both little and large could get your house looking as good as new again.

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What Are Your Needs?

Our needs change as we grow older. Families grow and therefore require more rooms and space to live. We develop hobbies; we want a decent amount of space to relax in and enjoy our property.

When thinking about moving house or renovating a property, consider your current needs. Do you need more space for work or because you want a new games room? Have you developed a passion for gardening? Or do you need a place where your kids can play safely outside?

With these questions, you can work out the right step forward for your family. Hopefully, you can work out whether you need to move or renovate based on what you determine your needs to be.

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Can You Afford to Move?

The main issue you will need to consider, though, is if you can afford to move. If you can’t afford to move, even after checking out mortgage rates, then a renovation is the best option for you. Improvements can also add value to your home, which will assist you later should you feel the itch to move come back.

However, if you can afford to move, then this changes things, and a renovation is not necessary. Still, just because you can afford to move doesn’t mean that it will be possible. You will need to house-hunt, and you will need to make adjustments depending on location and budget.

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Move or Renovate?

The thought of a shiny new home is always enticing, but if you can get the same refreshment from renovating your house, you can save some money and add value to your house in the future. While you may not be ready to move just yet, there could come the time where you are, and so preparing for that now could prove beneficial.

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