Getting The Most Out Of Your Weekend

Getting The Most Out Of Your Weekend
10 Feb 2019

You blinked and you missed it. Another weekend, over in a flash. Before you know it, it’s Sunday night again and you’re staring down the barrel of a brand new week. Monday at your desk feels like groundhog day. Where did all that leisure time drain away to? It doesn’t have to be this way. Although you can never have more than 48 hours in your weekend, you can make those hours work harder for you. Weekends where you feel relaxed, you’ve been a little productive, you’ve set yourself up for the weekend ahead and made some good memories are possible – if you approach them right. The most successful people know that to work smart, you also have to play smart and that time to recharge your batteries is absolutely essential for getting ahead at work and balancing your needs – emotionally and physically.

Weekends shouldn’t be about cramming too much in so that you exhaust yourself, but neither should they be about lounging around all the time doing nothing and feeling disappointing. Hitting the ideal balance will leave you rested, refreshed and ready to hit replay on your weekday tasks. Here’s how to craft a weekend that will leave you set up to deal with whatever the working week has to throw at you…

Plan It Out…

Weekends are only relaxing if they’re completely free form, right? Well, actually, bringing a little of your weekday planning into the weekend is actually the secret to getting the most out of them. You may feel like you’re so super busy during the week that you want to do nothing after you clock off on a Friday.

But you don’t truly do nothing – that would be impossible, even on the lowest of low key days. And if you just waste your time on a series of random somethings, is it any wonder you get to Sunday and wonder where the weekend went? Making a plan not only means you’ll achieve what you want to – even if that’s only playing car driving games or having an epic Netflix binge, but you also get the pleasure of anticipating what you’re going to do – and that can definitely get you over the hump day slump.

… But Don’t Over Schedule

Equally, as great as it is to have a rough plan in place, you also don’t want to end up over scheduling your weekend. A colour coded planner is definitely a step too far! There has to be space for some flexibility and spontaneous happenings as well. If you map out around three key events that you have to look forward to, then you can let the rest of your time flow.

With the three scheduled things, it’s an ideal balance if one involves exercise, one is about seeing family and friends, and one is a self care activity. So a great weekend might start with fitting in a spin class in the morning, meeting friends for dinner one evening and then taking the next day for a massage or steam room session. This will set you up for a great week ahead, because you’ve met all your basic needs.

Grab Some Downtime

There’s nothing wrong with prioritising some relaxation, especially if you’ve been up against a big deadline or just working extremely hard. Sometimes a nap on a Sunday afternoon can be just the tonic you need. Instead of frittering your time away watching mindless TV or endlessly refreshing your Instagram feed, make time for extra sleep.

Create an environment that promotes sleep by investing in blackout blinds or curtains, and if you have trouble sleeping, try a pillow spray or even an aromatherapy diffuser to wind down. Apps like Headspace, which offers gentle mindfulness techniques can also be enormously helpful when it comes to getting you into the relaxation zone.

Make A Plan Of Attack

It’s also a great idea to find time to map out the week ahead of you. Think about what activities you have coming up over the next week and also about what you’d like to achieve. Sundays are the ideal day to carry out a little prep work to make the week ahead easier.

Whether that’s laying out a week’s worth of outfits and making sure everything is washed, pressed and ready to go or batch cooking some healthy recipes that can be popped into the freezer. It could be doing some research and taking some notes ahead of that big meeting so you walk in the door one step ahead. Or it could even just be practising some mindfulness so clear your head. Whatever you need to take on the challenges of the week to come, set yourself up with it. Then your weekend will truly have been used to its fullest extent.

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