Minor Car Accident? Here’s What to Do

Minor Car Accident? Here’s What to Do
21 Oct 2022

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Car accidents of any size are never good news, but a Fender Bender, or an accident that’s smaller than a huge crash, is plain irritating. There are plenty of people around that believe that a Fender Bender won’t lead to compensation, but if your car has been dented, or you have whiplash because of that Fender Bender, then you need to get some help.

If you hire an experienced car accident lawyer, you can receive the money that you are entitled to, especially if you are not the person that is at fault. The money could cover any medical appointments you’ve had, any surgery if needed, and it can even cover things like Canadian Dent, where you can get that dent back out of your car and your car will be looking pretty on the road again. If you’ve never been in an accident before, it could help to know what to do afterward.

Get in touch with a lawyer

It doesn’t matter if somebody just happened to knock your car as they drive past, any damage needs legal advice. If the car has been shunted forward or someone has brushed you as they’ve gone past, then you need to call a car accident attorney because they will walk you through what to do and what you should expect.

Figure out your injuries

Even a Fender Bender can result in some injuries, especially neck pain or backache. You have a couple of years from the date of your accident to make a claim depending on where you are, so you may not be able to act immediately. Take the time that you need to figure out how bad the consequences are, and make sure that you pick up your medical report from the hospital or the doctor so that you have some paperwork to show for it.

Don’t skip your treatment

If you have to see a physiotherapist or a chiropractor, or you have follow-up appointments with your physician, don’t skip these appointments. For every appointment that you go to, make sure that you keep the paperwork and any receipts for payment that you have made. Never hesitate to get the treatment that you need because physical therapy and massage and other interventions out there are expensive. They also can help you to get back to normal. The other party’s insurance company is liable to pay for any medical bills that you accrue, so don’t skip them.

Figure out who’s at fault and take some pictures

At the scene of the accident, work out who is at fault and then take some pictures of the accident so that you can take pictures of any damage to your car and injuries on the road. Don’t forget to make sure that you take pictures of the other car as well because you need to have evidence from both sides that that’s the car that hit you.

Your fender bender doesn’t have to result in a whole lot of nothing; get the right advice and you will be in one piece!

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