Time Is On Your Side: Men’s Everyday Casual Watches Guide

Time Is On Your Side: Men’s Everyday Casual Watches Guide
20 Dec 2019

Just like any other element of your personal style, the small details can make a significant difference, and the right wristwatch can truly elevate any outfit. While it should be a reflection of your personality and unique style, the ideal watch should also be simple and sophisticated; elegant enough to complement an outfit, without being too distracting or overpowering. If you’re not sure how to choose the perfect timepiece for you, here is a list of the most popular everyday watches, as well as a guide on how to wear them:

Field watches

As the authentic ‘trench watches’, field watches were originally made to be sturdy enough for active duty, although they are now mostly worn as casual accessories. Having functionality in mind, these timepieces are usually medium-sized, with white, green or gray numerals against a black dial, in combination with a canvas or a leather strap. While field watches are durable enough to be worn during sports or other forms of physical activity, they are also an ideal option for everyday wear. Having a clean and robust design, field watches can be teamed with almost every outfit, from a jeans and sneakers combination to more sleek work attire; just don’t wear them to a formal or a black tie event.

Sports watches

Whether you are exercising, playing sports with your friends or simply staying active throughout the day, sports watches are the perfect option, as they come with a plethora of sport-specific features, such as timers, compasses and altimeters. Usually featuring a nylon or a rubber strap, these watches are larger in size, but quite lightweight and sturdy, making them easy to preserve and maintain even after more strenuous activities. Considering their typically large faces, the material of the strap and a wide variety of features, sports watches are best worn when doing something active, although the right design might also look great when paired with a more casual, laid-back outfit.

Diver’s watches

What was once worn as a work or tool watch is now a resistant and durable timepiece that serves an aesthetic purpose, along with a practical one. Being some of the best and most popular options, elegant Swiss watches with a stainless steel case and band, in classic, stylish designs make for the ideal diver’s watch every man should own. From a sleek black to more timeless gold and silver options, these watches are versatile enough to complement any outfit, whether it’s a shorts and polo shirt combination or more fancy cocktail party attire. As long as you choose a beautifully designed and well made diver’s watch, this timepiece can even be appropriate for business casual and business formal settings.

Dress watches

Being more popular now than ever, dress watches, especially luxury ones, are the most formal and elegant accessory you can own as a man. Featuring a plain face and a thin leather strap to match, typically in black or shades of brown, these watches are quite simple and minimalistic in design, and are the perfect option for making a memorable impression. Although it might not be the best choice for sports and other physical activities, the versatility and functionality of this timepiece makes it appropriate for nearly every other occasion. Whether you pair it with jeans and a button-down shirt for casual weekend wear or you decide to wear it with a sharp suit for a black tie wedding, a dress watch is ideal for elevating any ensemble.

Smart watches

Smart watches are the modern-day combination of style and technology. Usually incorporating a larger touch screen face and interchangeable straps, these watches may come in various shapes and sizes, as well as a wide variety of functions, from allowing you to answer texts and phone calls to helping you improve your exercises by counting your steps or measuring your heart rate. For this reason, it can be quite difficult to put them into one single category or assign them a degree of formality. Largely depending on the design and the function, a smart watch can be an appropriate choice for anything from a workout session and a casual outing to business or more formal events, as long as they come in a sleeker, more elegant style.

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While your ideal watch might depend on your personal style and preference, one thing is for certain – a classic, versatile and functional watch is the best everyday accessory every modern man should own.


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