Fit for a McQueen: The Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto

Fit for a McQueen: The Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto
19 Feb 2018

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I Went. Did You?

“Hey, did you make it to the Auto Show?”

The Auto Show. No single other annual show seems to elicit a question surrounding attendance like the Auto Show does. There are home, boat, and wedding shows, and even an annual exhibition. And while all of those shows may be wonderful and serve wide demographics, it’s the Canadian International Auto Show you’re just SUPPOSED to attend. And, “attend,” isn’t really the right word. You attend a concert or a recital. You experience the Auto Show.

Whether you’re interested in exotic cars, the concepts which may or may not end up on a production line, or the big reveal announcements, the 2018 Canadian International Auto Show does not disappoint!

McQueen maserati

Aisle Say…

Strolling the aisles of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre’s South Building alone (the show spans both the North and South Buildings), you’ll see some exotic cars, such as the final model year of the Maserati GranTurismo.

McQueen porsche award

This beautiful piece of Italian machinery sits adjacent to not only fine Porsche automobiles, but their Spirit of Speed Award, represented by 180 pounds of Yokohama Tire Rubber fashioned into the Porsche 911 form.

McQueen lexus concept

Around the corner, Lexus proudly displays their silver LS+ Concept car, shiny bling and all…

McQueen sprinter

while down the next aisle, Mercedes-Benz shows off what looks like an armoured Sprinter van, and a shop full of branded swag for sale.

McQueen darth vadar hot wheels

Fit for a McQueen… Steve McQueen.

If you are looking for the most fun booth at the show, two stand out. The first is the Hot Wheels booth, featuring some unique cars, including the Darth Vader model. Fun starts with seeing these cars, and continues with trying Hot Wheels model cars on complex tracks, just to see if the tiny die-cast units can complete the curves and loops. And second, the Ford booth.


Exciting at Media Day was witnessing the unveiling of the brand new Ford Mustang Bullitt, a stunning version of the old Steve McQueen classic Mustang. The most fun, though, is in what no other manufacturer thought to do – engage attendees with an interactive display producing digital souvenirs which would remind and entertain participants and their friends for years to come.

McQueen bullitt activation

In a part of the Ford booth resembling a portable movie set, aspiring actors (like you!) move from station to station, being photographed and videoed, all the while being guided by personal directors with instructions on how to pose.

McQueen bullitt activation with aaron

Minutes after the experience, each participant’s email inbox receives two messages: the replica Bullitt movie poster and a car chase movie clip in which you push the limits of the Mustang Bullitt. Share with your friends on social media, you movie star, you!

As a proud Ford owner, it was great to meet Ford of Canada’s CEO Mark Buzzell, and talk to him about my journey to my Ford Explorer, and how much I loved everything about it.

McQueen aaron with mark buzzell

I loved touring the show, but also seeing all the exciting Ford products, and meeting some of the people who design and make those products happen.

McQueen Raptor

If you’re there, check out the rugged F-150 Raptor…

McQueen ranger

the return of the Ranger to North America…

McQueen ford gt

and the sleek GT!

McQueen lincoln navigator

Make sure you head over and see the redesigned Lincoln Navigator. Luxury at its finest.

I’ll have to leave you here; I’m off to the water cooler to ask everyone at the office, “hey, did you make it to the Auto Show?”


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