Post-Break In: Making Your Home Safer

Post-Break In: Making Your Home Safer
15 Oct 2019

It’s an experience you will never forget. Somebody tried to break into your home while you and your family were sleeping soundly in your beds. Luckily nothing may have occurred whereby you were injured in any way. Regardless, just the ordeal of hearing someone trying to kick your door in or perhaps trying to open a window from the outside with a crowbar is gut-wrenching enough. The police will tell you they will do everything they can to find the culprits but usually, you’re on your own if they don’t have any clue for who they’re searching for. That’s one of the worst things too, not knowing what they looked like and what they were after. But don’t let your mind spin, there is some practical precaution you can install to make your home much safer.

Stronger and more advanced

Mechanical locks are the overwhelming majority but they are old hat. They can be easily picked using modern tools and they very frequently are the weakest link in the chain for home safety. That’s why you need to contact a locksmith specialist, that can come and install an electric key pass lock. This is a sturdy lock with a ten-digit number button layout along with a physical metal key lock as well. Therefore your doors will have two systems protecting it instead of one. The lock cannot be picked because the number code has to be put in first. There’s no way the burglar will know what the password is even if they have the tools to pick the lock. This kind of modern lock is fitted into the door itself so it’s not something you can just kick or break off.

Sensing a motion

Many people choose to have floodlights that set off whenever there’s motion in the garden. However, these are also old hat because urban nocturnal animals like cats and foxes are always jumping into people’s gardens while on patrol for a mate or food. Pretty soon you’re going to grow to distrust your floor lights and this defeats the purpose of having one in the first place. It’s far better to have motion sensor lights in the home. These can be fitted to every single room but they are usually best kept in the hallway. This is because they light up the whole house and push light into every room. By installing such lights in places like the garage too, you can get a better sense of when there is human movement or when there’s harmless animal movement outside and inside your house.

Seeing the motion

If just light activation is not enough, you can install motion-sensing cameras anywhere in the home. You can have all of these cameras hooked into one server and screen. You can see whatever is causing the camera to turn on and record all in the safety of your bedroom.

Home security is a little pricey but it’s something everyone should invest in. motion sensors are by far the best tactic as both cameras and lights only activate when they detect abnormal human-like movement.

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