Making Money Online in 2024

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22 Jan 2024

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Whether it’s through selling disused gardening gear or by sharing a business-related skill with an audience, people around the world use the internet to make money. For some, it’s a full-time job, while others supplement their full-time work with a side hustle that pulls in a decent amount of money. It works for so many people.

Given the accessibility of the internet, it should probably come as no surprise to learn that people are continually looking at ways in which they can bring in some cash with an internet-based venture. It’s fairly straightforward to create a website these days; you can keep track of your online business with ease through a smartphone device, there are numerous online resources you can use to help inspire marketing ideas and produce materials, and the entire planet is accessible thanks to the global reach of the internet. The options are almost endless.

While it is relatively straightforward to establish something online in the modern environment, making money with your chosen idea isn’t always easy. In fact, 90% of all internet business start-ups end in failure within the first 120 days. Some people just jump into something that they perhaps aren’t too clued up on and find themselves immediately treading water. Some things can certainly be learned, though, and people can buck the trend if they manage to manufacture the right money-making adventure for them and their particular skillset.

Already, with 2024 underway, people are beginning to look at the numerous ways in which they can make money online. In recent times, some tried and tested methods have emerged that are being explored by aspirational individuals everywhere. If you’re thinking about doing the same and want to pull in some extra cash online, or you’re keen to ditch your job for your own online business, then below are some exciting options that might also pique your interest.

Become a Freelancer

Be it alongside a permanent job you’re already skilled in or as a full-time escapade, entering the freelance world is an attractive opportunity for many. Working for yourself and completing projects on a contractual basis is a rewarding journey to embark on, with the freelance market serving up plenty of opportunities for skilled people. Some are writers who work for major brands, others are graphic designers who create marketing materials for marketing agencies, and there are people who teach languages through the various language learning platforms that are out there. Websites like Upwork and PeoplePerHour might also enable them to attract clients, while LinkedIn is another go-to platform for other freelance professionals. So, if you’re proficient at something and want to use it to make some money, then becoming a freelancer has never been so easy, thanks to the internet.

Virtual tutoring is a great way to make a killing

If becoming a freelancer doesn’t necessarily appeal to you, then virtual tutoring and sharing your skills with others just might. After all, tutors are in demand. As such, there is always a market for people wanting to share their wisdom with others who are desperate to become more clued up in a specific area. Thanks to the abundance of platforms out there, you can teach topics with ease and reach global audiences with a variety of material, be it engaging slides, storytelling, or interactive activities. Becoming a virtual tutor isn’t just a way of making money either, but you’ll find it rewarding knowing that your expertise in a particular field is enlightening others.

Trading online works for millions of people

While there are risks involved, trading online is highly beneficial and can be grasped fairly easily. In Australia alone, there are people who are interested in trading and investing, but it’s important to gain a solid understanding of just how it works, with people learning about how to trade Forex and exploring other financial products online before they begin. YouTube is another popular resource that will help you gain an understanding of the markets, build your trading skills, and help you get started on the basics of trading online. For millions of people, buying and selling in this area is both an enthralling and a highly enjoyable experience, particularly when an established trading plan works.

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Sell your wares on Etsy

Are you a lover of jewelry and make your own? Perhaps you have a penchant for woodworking or pottery? You might even have some old designer gear that you’ve spruced up and want to flog to a new home. Well, whatever it is, Etsy is a wonderful online destination to sell your wares. The American e-commerce company that focuses on handmade or vintage items and craft supplies is a respected name in this particular category, with people selling everything there, from bags and furniture to art and home decor. It’s also straightforward to open up your own shop on Etsy.

Fancy developing an app?

Although this next option isn’t always a surefire way of making money online, it can certainly pull in some big bucks if you manage to create a masterpiece. Whether it’s a game or an online store, developing apps is another exciting opportunity for many people. Given society’s reliance on modern-day smartphones, apps are being opened and closed on a daily basis. It is certainly a saturated space, though, but that shouldn’t put you off. If you’re able to create an eye-catching app that genuinely serves a purpose, then do it. If it manages to take off, then you’ll most likely be cashing in.

Take surveys for money

Admittedly, this particular option might not produce a massive haul in terms of money, but it can bring in a much-needed additional income for an individual. In fact, taking surveys for money works for people everywhere, with various survey sites always needing people to complete surveys. The more surveys you do, the more money you’ll make. It’s worth noting that some survey sites don’t pay in cash, though; instead, they offer gift cards to their army of employees.

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