Make Your Garden More Secure With These Tips

Make Your Garden More Secure With These Tips
12 Apr 2021

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Many homeowners don’t pay too much attention to the level of security that they need for their garden, and it’s a serious issue to forget about. The garden is a part of the house as much as the living room, and you’d close off the living room with an alarm and a locked door. The garden needs as much security as the rest of the house that you are living in, and if you want to ensure that you don’t end up making a costly mistake with your garden, you need to think about making it much more secure.

The garden is the perfect place to socialize, for the kids to play and to just relax, so you want to make it a haven for your enjoyment. You don’t want to worry about people trespassing on your grounds and stealing your garden equipment. You can use fence builders to help you to secure the space, and you can add gates with locks. The biggest thing that you need to remember is that your space is a vulnerable one and you need to protect it as much as possible. Below, we’ve got a list of some of the most effective ways that you can properly secure your garden and stop worrying about it once and for all.

1. Remember the front. The land your house sits on encompasses more than the space that you have out the back. You have the sides of the house, the front yard and the backyard altogether. Keeping the front of the property well maintained can greatly reduce the risks of criminals targeting your home, as there are fewer places to hide. The side of your house can be lit up with security lights to prevent anyone sneaking around the back, and you can even light up the front driveway, too.

2. If your front property is visible from the street, it’s going to be safer. Cutting back large bushes and trees is going to be a better idea as while you may like the privacy, thieves will love it more than you do. Use gravel instead of paving in the front garden and driveway, as you will hear it if someone decides to walk across your property.

3. If there is a garage, make sure that it’s been properly locked up so that you have no bikes and cars stolen from you. The garage can lead up to the garden and the front of the house, too and you want to ensure that they are all as secure as possible.

4. Add security lighting to the back of the house, and your garden will be as secure as the front! The garden is as important as the sides of the house and the front yard, and you will figure out really quickly if someone has popped round the back while you’re asleep.

5. Add fencing throughout the property and don’t be afraid to go high with it. The rear garden needs to be protected and the right fencing can make that happen. The minimum height requirement is six feet, and you can add a trellis to make it higher, too. Make sure that the trellis is covered in thorny plants, and you have makeshift barbed wire!

6. Any garden furniture and tools should be put away properly and you can continue the theme of gravel around the patio area of the garden to create noise when feet land on it. You can bet that robbers will be deterred, too, if your garden is well lit.

7. If you have ladders in the backyard, make sure that these are put away throughout the night, as these will be easy for people to target. Consider ensuring that a trellis on the walls does not reach any windows, too.

8. Gates to the garden and the sides of the house should be locked and secured at all times. Even when you’re home, leaving your gates unlocked leaves your garden vulnerable to people coming in and out as they please. You should consider that leaving any gates unlocked is going to be dangerous for your home, and locks will keep your outside spaces as secure as possible.

9. You can have security hinges installed for your gates and doors, too, to prevent would-be thieves from lifting these up and off. This is a good way to ensure that your garden stays secure for longer!

A secure garden means a secure, happy home. The best thing that you can do is to try the tips above and keep everyone in your home secure.

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