Make the Most of a Long Layover

Make the Most of a Long Layover
27 Feb 2023

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If you fly a great distance, you might be inconvenienced by a long layover. When travelling to places like Australia or New Zealand, layovers are unavoidable, and spending time at an airport can be boring. However, we have some suggestions which might help alleviate some of your boredom whilst enduring a long layover.

Meet New People

When waiting at the gate or in the restaurants at an airport, you are surrounded by hundreds of other people, some of whom may be of a like mind to you. If you are feeling brave and outgoing, why not approach a friendly face and get chatting about your travels? You never know, you might end your layover with a new friend, travel buddy, or business contact.

Catch up on Sleep

Travelling can be exhausting, and a long layover could be the perfect opportunity to catch up on sleep or try and get ahead of the jet lag. Try and find a quiet corner for a doze, or pay for a premium airport lounge to get a comfier seat. Many airports also have on-site hotels, so if you have enough time, you can check in to one for the night. Just keep an eye on your luggage and set an alarm so you don’t miss your next flight!

Get Some Work Done

A layover can be the perfect opportunity to get some work done if you are travelling for work. Or, if you work remotely, use this time to work, so there is more time for adventure when you reach your destination. Airports often have workstations and free Wifi available but remember to use a VPN to protect you when you log on.

Plan your Trip

Organised travellers might already have their whole itinerary planned before they fly, but if not, a layover provides an excellent chance to plan your activities once you arrive. Travel guidebooks often have plenty of great suggestions for places to visit, and the internet is also a valuable resource. Also, if you’ve bravely spoken to your seatmate, they might have suggestions of places to visit that are not widely known. Having an itinerary in place will mean you will not waste a moment of your trip.

Play a Game

Another great way to pass the time on a layover is to play a game. A pack of cards will easily fit in your backpack and are easy to whip out and play on the go when travelling with friends. If you are travelling alone, you can play games on your laptop and mobile phone, so long as you can find a charging station to keep your device topped up. Online casino games are another great option to pass the time, and there are plenty to choose from amongst the newest slot additions at Platincasino CA. Or if you prefer to be more creative, create a scavenger hunt with a list of random items that you can try to spot at the airport.

You’ve Got This!

Don’t let the boredom of a long layover get you down and try one of these suggestions to keep you entertained no matter how long your layover is. Between planning your trip, gaming, and making new friends, there is plenty to keep you busy.

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