Dark and Dingy Home? It’s Time to ‘Lighten’ Up!

Dark and Dingy Home? It’s Time to ‘Lighten’ Up!
06 May 2019

Does your home feel a little dingy and dim- even on a sunny day? It’s quite a frustrating situation when the lighting isn’t right, as no matter what else you put in the room it’s never shown to its full potential. Ideally, houses should be built facing the correct direction to maximize the light but of course, this isn’t always the case. But even if your home isn’t facing the correct direction, there are some things you can do. Here are some ideas!

Paint the walls

Something as simple as the colour of the walls could be the difference between a home that looks bright and one that looks dark and dingy. It’s common knowledge that dark colours will make a room look smaller, but even the difference between a few shades can be huge. If your walls are currently magnolia for example, just painting them white can make a shocking difference. If they’re grey, repainting in a shade that’s a little lighter again can make a big impact. Avoid dark colours and busy patterns, you’re much better off creating a blank canvas with clean, light coloured walls. You can always add interest with pictures, a mirror, a clock and other accessories rather than wallpaper.

Extend the windows

If your house was built with tiny windows then it goes without saying that you’re not going to get the most light. Consider making them bigger to maximise the light that’s able to come in. If your double glazing has failed and is foggy or cloudy then this can affect the light too, look into windows replacement as clear clean panes will make a huge difference.

Switch up the blinds and curtains

If you’re not able to change the size of the windows, there’s something much more simple that you could try and you might be surprised by the results. Change the window treatments you have up. Instead of vertical or venetian blinds (which always block out a little light even when they’re open) consider a roller blind which can be opened fully but pulled down when you need it. If you want other styles of blinds, get rid of the dark colours and have them fitted in white. Finish the window with light curtains, voiles are good for this. They give the impression of the window feeling dressed and finished, but don’t block out extra light. If your blinds are good quality, you won’t need curtains to block out additional light anyway.

Consider a glass extension

If you have more money to spend then a great way to bring more light into the home while also increasing floor space is to go with a glass extension. Added onto a kitchen or living room you get the light streaming in while having more space to move around- what could be better? An extension is never going to be the cheapest option but it could solve multiple problems, one of which being a house that feels too dark.

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