Home-Cooked Creole Comfort Food at Le Petit Paradis in Dominica

Home-Cooked Creole Comfort Food at Le Petit Paradis in Dominica
24 Feb 2020

Disclosure: My food at Le Petit Paradis was covered by Discover Dominica Authority. All opinions are my own.

One thing I love about travelling is all the food you get to try. I love to wander off the beaten path and discover new places to try local food.

Even at home, I prefer to dine at the family run restaurants over the big chains. You get a certain level of food quality and service that makes you feel like you are at home.

le petit paradis dining room

Le Petit Paradis

On a recent trip to Dominica, we stopped for lunch at Le Petit Paradis, located high up in the hills of Wotten Waven. It is a small family owned restaurant in a small village, right in the middle of several houses. I really didn’t know what to expect.

When we walked up the stairs to the dining area, our server came out and said “Welcome. Have a seat.” There were no menus on the table, and we didn’t see one posted around. Once we were all seated, our server said “I have some special dishes cooking for you. We will bring them out as they are ready.” I got an instant smile on my face!

By this point in our time in Dominica, I came to expect that most of these small family owned restaurants did not have an official menu. They had a few signature dishes, which they made each day, that were very popular with the regulars and tourists.

le petit paradis food

What We Ate

One by one, the staff brought out dish after dish, letting us know what each one was. Lunch was going to be family style, which was the first time I would experience this type of dining in Dominica.

Our lunch consisted of:

• Fried plantains
• Fried dasheen
• Sweet roasted chicken wings
• Fried fish in creole sauce
• Salad with avocado
• Rice
• Pigeon peas

I love comfort food, and this was home cooked comfort food at its finest.

The dishes were fresh, full of flavour, and very tasty. I glanced back at the kitchen and the staff were all watching with smiles as we enjoyed the food we prepared for us.


Le Petit Paradis is located at:
Wotten Waven, 1767 Roseau, Dominica
Phone: 1-767-276-2761


Open daily 6:30am to 10:30pm

le petit paradis table

Enjoy a family style meal at Le Petit Paradis!

If you are visiting the Roseau area in Dominica, take the short drive into Wotten Waven to Le Petit Paradis for a delicious serving of Creole comfort food. The food is fantastic, and it is a very affordable meal.

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