The Latest Emerging Trends Among Canadians

The Latest Emerging Trends Among Canadians
09 Jun 2021

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For many generations, Canadians have displayed a remarkably rich and diverse culture. The proud and popular traditions in Canada took their roots not only from their Neighbours in North America but also from Europe and other regions.

These influences have led to the evolution of the nation’s cultural trends. Currently, there are new and exciting developments adding yet another dimension to modern-day life as a Canadian or someone living in Canada. An understanding of the latest trends in the country gives insights into what the future holds. Whether you are a business owner, investor, consumer, or just a trend follower, you will find this article useful.

Must-see trends in Canada this year

Online shopping

Because of Canada’s sizeable digital population, the country has overseen huge profitability in its online markets. A 2019 statistic saw the e-commerce retail trade sales amount to almost 1.85 billion Canadian dollars. At that time, over 28.1 million Canadians had made online purchases. Future projections expect the market’s revenue to surpass 33 billion dollars by 2024 but what exactly are Canadians buying online?

Although electronics, fashion, and books still top the list, more and more customers are now interested in other product categories like groceries, automotive, pet supplies, collectibles, and so on. Device use has become much familiar in the country and conversion rates are not as bad anymore.

Since the vast bulk of purchases take place online, savvy buyers and websites are more focused on UX and seamless experiences through mobile devices. The reason is that a great mobile experience gives more of a competitive edge in the market according to studies.

Since Canadians now spend more money and time online, it goes without saying that they expect a huge deal from merchants in terms of their shopping experience. For instance, more detailed product information, flexibility and insights, shopping costs, delivery dates, speed, and tracking all add up to more conversions when such needs are met.

Health awareness and healthy eating

Canada is more focused on promoting healthy eating through various means. Part of the country’s strategy is to improve healthy eating information and awareness, improve the nutritional quality of foods, implement policies that protect vulnerable populations, and support the increased access to and availability of quality foods.

Up to a third of Canadians are prepared to pay a premium for health-enhancing products according to the BDC and mobile apps and health-monitoring equipment are more prevalent than ever. Nevertheless, there has been some form of reversal of this trend due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

After the declaration of the pandemic and institutions became disrupted globally, Canadians survived the initial panic by buying and stocking of foods. However, deep into the pandemic, it seems that things have changed. Eating habits as well as how food is accessed, prepared, and consumed are no longer as health-conscious among young Canadians.

The pandemic has disrupted several aspects of life as a Canadian. Due to the psychological and financial stress, Canadians generally eat more junk and fast foods and take more alcohol for several reasons. The interactions among decreased physical activity, sleep, and increased screen time, among families have all influenced the eating patterns among citizens leading to an unhealthier waistline.

Though social distancing rules have been largely followed, it has come at the expense of physiological health among individuals. There remains an uncertain picture of how the nutritional trend in Canada will unfold.

Shopping is more local than ever

There has been a huge move towards local brands and product transparency in Canada. Stores have adapted to the online trend by offering early delivery services and pickups more efficiently than top dogs in the e-commerce industry offer. As long as businesses make shopping convenient with a seamless shopping experience, the trend is certain to continue for a long time.

This shift has been accompanied by a change in shopping behaviour. Live streaming experiences have become more popular across the North American continent in general and this has aided local shopping because customers can buy and curate the exact thing they want.

Similarly, retailers can display their products in a better way that promotes more engagements and sales, thereby addressing some of the limitations of in-person shopping. Also, local shopping is much more environmentally sustainable, which is interesting considering the fact that resources need to be maximized like never before.

Marketing strategies have changed

The pandemic left marketers looking for new solutions to unprecedented communication problems. With many Canadian consumers suffering from digital burnout, there was an urgent need for a key solution. With direct mails, customer engagements have become impactful and compelling. In fact, up to 73% of customers collect their mail at least three times a week while 42% do so five times a week. 60% prefer to receive coupons in the mail, making it easier for marketers in the country.

Most of the people living in Canada also love subscription boxes. Not only are they good for business as they represent an extra revenue stream, but consumers also love experiencing the thrill of unboxing new products without having to shop for them. It might well be time to switch things up with your marketing mix.

Since more Canadians are working from home, it is only logical that they would consume more direct mails. While the strategies do not necessarily replace digital efforts, they show a brand’s commitment to growth and progress. The latest trends show that direct mail is an option worth exploring.

Image by THAM YUAN YUAN from Pixabay

Gaming and VR online

Current data from the Canadian Gaming Association show that online gaming in Canada is one of the fastest emerging markets with a gross output of over 31 billion dollars. Most gaming now takes place online and this includes VR gaming and gamification personalization of products rather than the regular mass-produced items. Individual provinces in Canada have their own gaming laws. For instance, Quebec, widely regarded as the top gaming hub in the country was the first state to grant licenses to iGaming operators.

Advancements in mobile technology and VR are now integrated into gaming technology and VR is set to become the cornerstone of gaming in the coming decades. In 2020 alone, over 25 million gamers had contributed to the growth of Online Gaming in the country and the figures keep rising.

Although VR is still in its nascent stage, the future seems very bright. VR casinos have already incorporated certain features like 3D game tables, slot machines, real club sounds, detailed game rooms, and in-game chats. As more gamers purchase VR headsets, software, and accessories, the trend is set to continue.

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, online gaming has been favoured over brick-and-mortar sites for health and convenience reasons. Not only has gaming become more accessible but it has also become more affordable. Another important move in the country’s gaming is the use of cryptocurrency for payments. This ensures faster processing and a better security protocol for personal and financial data.

Moving forward

Just like 2020, the coming years carry an aura of unpredictability and while we reflect on the developing trends in the country, it is also important to anticipate how these events will unfold. Planning for the future might have become more challenging with the ongoing world health crisis. However, if anything is certain, it is that there are no shortcuts to success.

One of the best things we can do is to understand the needs of Canadians better and monitor how these needs evolve. Trends will always exist but it is our responsibility to understand how quickly they shift and how well we adapt to them. For now, online shopping, health awareness and healthy eating, local shopping, modern marketing strategies, and online gaming and virtual reality are the latest emerging trends in Canada. Brace yourself – the future of Canadians is now!

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