La Crème de la Crème Opens a Second Location in Hamilton!

La Crème de la Crème Opens a Second Location in Hamilton!
12 Oct 2020

Burlington’s favourite Belgian chocolatarie and soft serve creamery has arrived on Locke Street in Hamilton.

This family owned and operated business has become super popular in Burlington over the past couple of years. They offer a high quality product and an unparalleled level of customer service.

After years of working in careers that required a lot of travel that left them with a feeling of wanting something different, the Hewsons decided to make Marie-Helene’s vision of La Crème de la Crème a reality. Steven leads operations, while Marie-Helene is the master behind the artisan Belgian chocolates that have become a staple in Burlington. Daughters Ericka and Emma are also involved with the day-to-day at La Crème de la Crème.

In order to keep that work life balance, Steven and Marie-Helene operate La Crème de la Crème from the 1st week of April through to the week before Christmas. This allows them to operate full tilt during that time, and enjoy quality family time with their daughters in the off-season.

la creme handcrafted artisan chocolates

Handcrafted Artisan Chocolate

Marie-Helene head’s up the handcrafted Belgian chocolate production at La Crème de la Crème. Here is just a small taste of what they have to offer:

• Belgian Chocolate Dip
• Belgian Chocolate and Raspberry Bark 70g
• Belgian Chocolate and Skors Bark 70g
• Belgian Chocolate with Raspberry 55g
• Hand Crafted Peanut Butter Cups
• Smores Kit
• Belgian Chocolate Hot Cocoa Dipper

Ordering Your 100% Real Soft Vanilla Ice Cream

If you are a creature of habit, this process will be simple. It was for me when I first started visiting the Burlington location last year. But, I have since switched it up and like to try different combinations whenever I go in now. So have fun with it!

la creme cone

First, choose your cone:

• regular cone
• sugar cone
• waffle cone
• cup

Then, choose your Belgian chocolate dip:

Dark Chocolate
• Dark 70%
• Raspberry
• Mint
• Vegan 56%
• Dark Sea Salt
• Mayan Chili

Milk Chocolate
• Milk
• Dulce de Leche
• Salted Caramel
• Brownies
• Milk Rocher
• Smore’s
• Hazelnut Praline
• Pecan Caramel

White Chocolate
• Oreo
• Smurfs (Cotton Candy)
• Pink Bubblegum
• Butterscotch

Lastly, choose your topping:

• Peanuts
• Waffle pieces
• Pretzels
• Sprinkles
• Assorted Sprinkles
• Toasted Coconut

A Welcome Addition to the Locke Street Community

From June to August, La Crème de la Crème offers up “Emma’s Pick”, a unique combination that Emma has created for that month only. It is probably my favourite time to try new combinations. Here’s the amazing part. For every small, medium or large Emma’s Pick cone sold, La Crème de la Crème donates $1 to a local charity. They have raised a lot of money for local charities, including Burlington Food Bank, Positive Space Network Halton, ROCK Reach Out Centre for Kids, and the Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation.

Dairy Free Option

There is also a dairy free option. The Coconut Bliss bars dipped in the certified Vegan Dark Chocolate is a must have for anyone who is lactose intolerant

la creme burlington


La La Crème de la Crème has two locations to serve you.

The original location in downtown Burlington is a short walk from the bus terminal and Spencer Smith Park, with plenty of street parking and a city parking lot nearby.

La Crème de la Crème Creamery Inc
389 John Street, Burlington
Just north of Lakeshore Road on the east side of John Street.

The new location is located in a unique walkable area of Hamilton just beneath the Niagara Escarpment.

La Crème de la Crème Creamery Inc
170 Locke Street South, Hamilton
On the west side of Locke Street South, between Blanchard Street and Hunter Street West, right beside Goodness Me! Natural Food Market.

la creme hamilton location

La Crème de la Crème Welcomes You!

If you are in the Hamilton area, be sure to stop in at La Crème de la Crème and try the real soft serve ice cream with rich Belgian chocolate dips, or one of the various handcrafted artisan chocolates. You won’t be disappointed!

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