The Advantages of Keeping Your Car Clean

The Advantages of Keeping Your Car Clean
12 Sep 2019

When it comes to cleaning our cars, we tend to fall into two camps. Some of us are fantastic at it. We take great pride in our vehicles and pleasure in washing them. We spend time most weekends cleaning our cars, polishing them, and making them shine. We vacuum the insides and make sure they smell nice and fresh. We’d never dream of leaving rubbish or empty food boxes and drinks bottles in them. Others aren’t so great. You might put off cleaning for as long as possible, and your car might be filled with bits of rubbish most of the time.

There are several benefits to having a clean car; however, aside from that it looks better. So, why not book in for a car detailing before the weather really turns, to give yourself the best chance of keeping it clean over the colder, messier months. Here’s a look at some of those advantages.

You’ll Be a Better Driver

You might think that a clean car is all about the aesthetic. But, you’d be wrong. Take more pride in your vehicle, and you are likely to be more careful in it. A car that’s dirty and in need of some bodywork repairs might make you think that it doesn’t matter. You might not worry about a few more scratches, or even a dent, because people are unlikely to notice. In a clean and tidy car, that you’ve put some effort into making look nice, you might drive more slowly and carefully, and you are less likely to be involved in an accident or make silly mistakes.

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You’ll Feel Proud

When we first start to drive, we always feel proud (and perhaps a little nervous) when you are on the road. You might feel powerful and in control too. This can be a lovely feeling. But, it tends to wear off over time. Until you clean your car, the first time you get on the road in a sparklingly clean car, that sense of pride and power will return. It might make you feel more confident, which will also help you to be a better driver.

You Won’t Worry About Offering Rides

Have you ever been tempted to offer someone a lift home, only to stop yourself because you are worried about what they will think of your car? Has anyone ever commented on the state of your car? Or have you offered someone a ride home only to find yourself needing to do an emergency clean up before so that they’ve got somewhere to sit? A clean car means that you can be a good friend and colleague, and offer people a ride without concern.

It Might Last Longer

Your car might last longer if you take care of it. It’s less likely to rust, both outside and under the hood. In the autumn, there won’t be leaves getting everywhere, risking clogging things up and your car might need work less often.

Other People Will Be Careful Around You

You are more likely to be a careful driver, but others are also more likely to be cautious around you, both on the road and when it’s parked up and empty. People respect a clean car.

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