How to Keep Your Skin Looking Younger and Boost Collagen Production

How to Keep Your Skin Looking Younger and Boost Collagen Production
29 Jun 2020

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Collagen is a natural protein found in our body that gives our skin strength and elasticity while making our complexion look plump, firm, and youthful. However, as soon as we reach our thirties, our body starts to gradually decrease its collagen production, causing the first signs of aging to appear on our skin, and leaving our skin more prone to damage. That is why it’s crucial to start protecting our collagen as soon as possible, and maintain a youthful and healthy complexion.

Here are some steps to incorporate into your skin care routine to preserve collagen and keep your skin looking younger:

Protect your skin from environmental factors

Continuous sun exposure throughout our lives is the main culprit for dark spots and early signs of ageing on our skin, which is why it’s essential to apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen of at least SPF 30 every day, in order to maintain both the health and the beauty of your skin. Another thing you can incorporate into your skin care routine are efficient antioxidants that neutralize the damage done by free radicals such as dust, smoke and smog. Apart from protecting the skin from environmental factors, some antioxidants (notably vitamins C and E) can also boost collagen production, helping you achieve a clear, even and glowing complexion.

Opt for professional beautifying treatments

Even though topical treatments are the quickest and simplest to incorporate into your skin care routine, it can take several months to see their results. On the other hand, professional procedures, while pricier, have been known to show effects after only one or two treatments. Micro needles, dermal fillers and chemical peels are among the most popular procedures, as they’re quite effective at sloughing off dead skin cells, tightening the skin, and revealing a glowing and more youthful complexion. However, an efficient non surgical eyelid lift might actually be one of the best non-invasive procedures available. Using safe laser technology to boost collagen production and lift loose skin on eyelids, this is one of the most effective ways of maintaining youthful radiance.

Incorporate potent vitamin A derivatives

Vitamin A derivatives, including retinol, retinoid and retinoic acid (Retin-A), are one of the rare anti-ageing skin care ingredients that have been proven time and time again to have incredible benefits for both younger and mature skin. Not only do they help the body in ‘activating’ the cells and genes involved in the production of collagen, but they also aid it in organizing both existing and new collagen, thus clearing up the complexion, reducing texture, and minimizing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. However, with potency comes great strength, as vitamin A derivatives can be drying and irritating to certain skin types, especially sensitive ones. That is why it might be best to incorporate them into your routine slowly, starting only two or three times a week, and choosing a lower retinoid concentration, in order to build tolerance.

Give peptides and growth factors a try

Although there has been some research to prove their anti-ageing claims, their benefits have not yet been entirely supported by science. However, many skin care experts swear by their potency, with peptides being the messengers that tell cells to increase collagen production, and growth factors stimulating both stem cells and fibroblasts to encourage new cell and collagen production. While both peptides and growth factors are less irritating to the skin than vitamin A derivatives, their results might take longer to show up, or even be more subtle. That is why most experts recommend combining the two into a skin care routine, by using retinoids at night-time, or every other evening, and opting for peptides and growth factors in the morning, or on those nights you skipped on retinol.

It’s never too late to start taking good care of your skin. As long as you protect the collagen you have now, and boost its production, you can maintain a smooth, supple and youthful complexion for years to come.

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