Keep Your Business Safe With These Tips

Keep Your Business Safe With These Tips
27 Jul 2021

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Every single day, you hear more and more about cybersecurity and the importance of it in the business world. You can’t read publications in the business world without hearing about security breaches and learning about issues that companies are having with keeping up with the hackers out there. Security isn’t just about online security, though. It’s also the physical security that you need in your office building. You want to ensure that your office is as protected as possible so that you can improve your employees safety and keep your business safe.

It’s not always simple to put together good office security measures, though. You need to do as much research as possible into the best security measures that will ensure that your business gets the best of the best. People like founder Robin St Martin of Iron Horse Security will tell you all about the need for high levels of security in the world we live in today, and it’ll make a big difference to the way you work in your office. Let’s take a look at a few tips to help you to keep your business as safe as possible.

Install access control

If you are in a public building, you shouldn’t just open the door to anyone who wants to access the building. You need to control the access to the building so that you know who’s coming in and out. If you ensure that you program access cards and issue them to everyone in the building, you will know who is coming in and out at all times. You can then ensure that you are able to trace people who are coming into your business and the time of it. You can still have visitors, too, just ensure that you have a guestbook and visitor passes handed out. That’s the point of a strong front-of-house team – and security guards if you need them.

Remember your lighting

Office lighting is important, but building lighting can make the difference between being secure or not. One of the best ways that you can prevent theft in your office building and car park is to ensure that you have the right lighting there to illuminate the area when people come past. If you don’t want to have the exterior of your building lit up at all times, consider that you can add motion sensor lighting instead – it’ll light up when it detects anyone moving!

Keep the server room & IT locked up

Every night, get your employees to shut down their computers, and keep your server room locked at all times, too. You need to ensure that no one can access these areas of the business at all – unless they are authorized to do so. Your server room is packed full of equipment and sensitive information, and that can be a problem if anyone who shouldn’t have access gets in.

Can’t go digital? Protect your paper

If you can’t afford to go digital, don’t worry – you can still protect your paperwork. Sensitive data shouldn’t be left to lie around the office, and that’s why you have to invest in great filing cabinets and lock them up. Doing this will ensure that people cannot access sensitive information. If they do try to get in, they have to get past any and all locks that you have on the filing cabinets. You should also invest in shredding companies who will take away all sensitive information and get rid of it for you. If you run the sensitive information through the shredder, you will prevent anyone from putting the pieces of your sensitive items back together.

Invest in a good security system

Setting up surveillance can be both in the form of cameras and in the form of bodyguards. A physical security guard can make a big difference to your building, but it’s important to double up as no system is foolproof.

Get training

While you’re investing in a good security system, don’t forget to train the people who work for you. They need to know the security and safety protocols, and your training will depend on the industry you’re in. You can even call in outside companies to train people so that you don’t have to try and do it yourself.

Talk to the experts

In the end, the best thing that you can do is speak to experts who can draw up a security plan for you. They can work with you to come up with the best options for your business.

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