From Renting to Owning: The Journey to My First Car. @Musaic2

From Renting to Owning: The Journey to My First Car. @Musaic2
27 Jul 2018

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Rental Units

“You live in Toronto, you don’t need a car.”

Friends and colleagues alike would tell me this, and I’d agree that public transit sufficed for my daily commutes. But when I needed to golf, when I wanted to take a one tank trip out of the city, then they were clearly wrong. I needed a car. So, I would rent one. Always an SUV, because I like to sit a bit higher than cars and see what’s ahead, and I always rented from the same company. We developed a good business relationship, and I loved how they’d supply me different models of small or midsize SUVs each time. The ideal test drives.

Test Drives

One day, I looked at my recent credit card statements and totalled the amount I spent on car rentals per month. It was cheaper to buy a car. And I knew exactly which car I wanted. About one-third of my SUV rentals were Ford Escapes. Regardless whichever vehicle they gave me, I found myself hoping that each rental would be a Ford Escape. I liked the styling of the vehicle, how it handled, the intuitive placement of climate control buttons, everything. I began requesting a Ford Escape each time, and even though the rental agency couldn’t confirm at the time of reservation, I’m sure they did their best. When they weren’t able to get me into an Escape, I drove an SUV they claimed was in the same Car Class. I don’t know what class that was because, for me, all the other vehicles flunked. The Jeep Patriot didn’t look as nice and I found it a little gutless. While I did like the Grand Cherokee they upgraded me to once, it just wasn’t my price range and the fuel efficiency wasn’t optimum. The GM Acadia was okay, just not so comfortable. It was louder and it felt like work to drive it. My mind was clearly made up.


My test driving days were done. I promptly went car shopping, and on November 8, 2007, I took home my first car, an Oxford White 2008 Ford Escape XLT. A significant milestone in my life journey, now taking road trips in a vehicle I would call my own.


Aaron Lewis

Aaron is a foodie who loves to travel, a musician who loves to orchestrate, and in his spare time, a golfer learning to golf. At work, he trains others to service and operational excellence. He got his driver's license at 10am on his 16th birthday, and has loved road trips ever since. Musaic represents the common international bond we all share through sound.


  1. Congrats!!! Nice looking vehicle!
    I have never rented a car, but I could see how really it would be a great way to find what you really wanted and obviously it worked for you. That should handle the snow and ice well too!
    I have never bought new, but am rght now setting up a time to take a look at a couple of cars myself. Both preowned, but I we have sure done the research. Like you I am in a cold climate, so it it least has to be FWD prefer 4WD but eh, FWD works well since I am in town. We dont have the busses like you do, and I miss having my own vehicle.
    I am going from a Ford Ranger XLT 4WD to possible an Element or a Rendezvous.

    May you have many many good years with your new ride, it is a beauty!

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