Cooking with Kids: Jerk Shrimp and Beef, Curried Scallops, and Grilled Vegetables #ad @gracefoodsca

Cooking with Kids: Jerk Shrimp and Beef, Curried Scallops, and Grilled Vegetables #ad @gracefoodsca
12 Jun 2020

Disclosure: This is a sponsored campaign with Grace Foods Canada. All opinions are my own.

Nice sunny weather means more outdoor cooking. Yes, we will BBQ all winter, but from Spring through until Fall, we BBQ a lot! Rachel and Lauren have been wanting to learn how to safely use the grill to prepare delicious meals. This was a great opportunity to show them how to use the BBQ to prepare almost every component of the meal.

grace foods jerk raw shrimp and beef with jerk seasoning

Seasoning the food first is key to a good grilled meal! Grace Jerk Seasoning brings such warm Jamaican flavours to meat, seafood, and veggies.

Jerk Shrimp and Beef Skewers, and Grilled Vegetables

Once the shrimp were fully thawed, Rachel skewered them on pre-soaked skewers.

grace foods jerk raw shrimp skewers

You have to ensure the skewers you are using have been pre-soaked in water so they do not burn while in the BBQ.

grace foods jerk raw steak

Next, she skewered the steak pieces with onions and, peppers.

grace foods jerk seasoned shrimp

Once everything was skewered, Rachel brushed the seasoning on the steak skewers…

grace foods jerk seasoned beef

… and Lauren brushed the seasoning on the shrimp skewers.

I showed them how to turn the propane on, and then showed them how to start the grill. While the grill was heating up, the skewers were soaking up the spicy jerk seasoning.

grace foods jerk premixing veggies

Fresh vegetables are always amazing when grilled. We cut peppers, onions, zucchini and mushrooms into big chunks and lightly tossed them in some olive oil, minced garlic, and Grace Foods Jerk Marinade. We then placed the seasoned vegetables in the grill basket, which we pre-sprayed with olive oil.

grace foods jerk beef skwers grilling

Once the grill was warmed up, Lauren loaded up the beef skewers and shrimp skewers on the cooking grates.

grace foods jerk shrimp skewers grilling

Shrimp are quite delicate, so cooking them on the top shelf with indirect heat works really well.

The vegetables have to be stirred every couple of minutes to ensure they do not get burned, and that they are being cooked evenly.

Wendy and Lauren monitored the beef and shrimp skewers while stirring the vegetables. Wendy helped Lauren flip and stir to make sure Lauren stayed safe. Teaching the girls how to use the BBQ safely is very important.

We always use a meat thermometer to ensure that our food is properly cooked. When the beef got to 137°F, it was ready to be taken off the grill. We like 137°F as it seems to be the fine line between medium-rare and medium, which is how all of us like our beef cooked.

Pan-fried Scallops in Coconut Curry Sauce

The only thing better than shrimp is shrimp and scallops. While the girls were grilling the shrimp, meat, and vegetables, I got started on the scallop curry.

• 1 tablespoon butter
• 1 tablespoon olive oil
• 200g bay scallops
• 3 tablespoons curry powder
• 1 teaspoon salt
• 400mL (1 can) Grace Foods Coconut Milk
• 1 cup water

grace foods jerk pan frying scallops

Heat butter and olive oil in a skillet on the stove. Pan fry scallops for a couple of minutes. Do not overcook, as the scallops will become rubbery. Take scallops off the heat and place into a bowl. In the same skillet, mix water and curry powder. Add in salt. Gradually, add in coconut milk and stir.

grace foods jerk stirring curry

Once the curry powder is fully mixed in and it is the consistency you want, add the scallops back in. Stir for a couple of minutes, just to get the flavour into the scallops. Turn the heat off, and remove the skillet from the hot burner.

Now, this dish could have been prepared on the side burner of our BBQ while the rest of the meal was grilling. I wanted to give Wendy and the girls some space to work, and didn’t want to overwhelm them with using the side burner… yet.

grace foods jerk plated meal

A Successful Meal

Everything was smelling so delicious! We all grabbed a plate as we couldn’t wait to taste our amazing creations! The girls loved their meal and the felt really proud of what they made. Seeing them build their confidence in the kitchen is great! Helping them learn new things when we cook as a family gives them ideas and techniques to use when they are cooking by themselves.

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