Inside the Wacky World of Food-Related Games

Inside the Wacky World of Food-Related Games
27 Dec 2023

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Not many people think of video games when food comes to mind. In fact, even though video games are now hugely popular and cover a vast range of themes, there aren’t too many cooking-related titles on the market. Recently, however, this has started to change.

Traditionally, video gamers would choose between consoles, handheld consoles, or PCs. Because these types of hardware are pricey, the games that are released on them tend to be complex, involved, and take hours to beat. That’s not the case with mobile games, which are more geared toward casual gamers and are designed for relaxing play.

Mobile games have helped popularize food-related titles. In fact, this growing niche can even be found at online casinos in their slots section. Along with games like blackjack and roulette, virtual platforms offer hundreds of titles to choose from in their slots section—foodie games included. For example, you can find games like Papa Paolo’s Pizzeria, The Imperial Kitchen, Smoothie Smash, and even La Moka Wild, which covers the barista lifestyle.

Beyond the realm of slots, there are even more choices. Let’s cover some of the best foodie games on the market, which can almost exclusively be played via mobile devices.

Good Pizza, Great Pizza

This straightforward game puts players in the centre of a pizzeria. There, they must fulfill orders and take good care of customers to keep the pizzeria running. Though simple, the game is incredibly playable. Challenges scale up slowly, while many customers have a pleasant word for the chef. Throw in cute graphics and there’s enough to keep any beginner or advanced player occupied for hours.

Dungeon Munchies

As the title suggests, Dungeon Munchies takes players deep into the grimmest reaches of a gothic dungeon-esque facility. But things take a unique turn from there. This RPG requires players to fight and eat their way to freedom—which go hand in hand. Depending on what players choose to eat (whether a slimy plate of eyes or another imaginative treat), they’ll have access to certain powers during their next fighting match. So eat wisely!

Chef: A Restaurant Tycoon Game

Simulations are common within the food-adjacent genres of gaming. In games like Good Pizza, Great Pizza, players step into the shoes of chefs. In Chef: A Restaurant Tycoon Game, the goal is to create a successful restaurant by doing more than serving up great eats. Instead, players must think about things like pairing food choices with interior design, pairing recipes with a menu-maker, and much more. Keep in mind that this game is available only for PC. If you want to try out a mobile variation, then Chef Rescue: Restaurant Tycoon is very similar.

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Lemon Cake

With Lemon Cake, players are taken behind the scenes of a quaint bakery where they must balance their baking skills with their business acumen. In reality, this game is more of a strategic simulation than a baking one, as players must tend to a farm that produces the ingredients they need to cook. Instead of whipping up treats in a bakery, players water plants, feed animals, milk cows, collect honey, and much more to keep their business running. But don’t worry—the cute graphics and touching storylines keep the game light and playable.

Cooking Mama (Mobile) & Venba (PC)

We’re going to round off this list with two great suggestions that run parallel to one another. Venba, keep in mind, is only available for PC, so mobile gamers should stick to Cooking Mama. Both games take players into kitchens where they’ll learn real-life recipes that they can use in their own kitchens.

Cooking Mama is a more general game that sees players craft dishes using actual recipes, then receive guidance from a virtual mother. As they go from recipe to recipe, this virtual mama encourages them and offers suggestions to improve their work. Venba, on the other hand, focuses strictly on South Indian cuisine, including dishes like idli, dosas, and biriyanis. The game also includes storylines related to moving from India to Canada, which adds an adventure element.

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