Industries for New Software Developers to Explore

Industries for New Software Developers to Explore
29 May 2020

Have you recently graduated from a software development program and are looking for a place to flex your fresh new skills? Or maybe developing has always been a hobby of yours and you’re looking for a side hustle or an industry where you might be able to put some of your abilities to work. Luckily for you, the demand for software developers is basically as wide-research and diverse as society itself. As every business, company, community, and even individual seeks to strengthen their online presence – the opportunities are endless. No matter what your passion is, you can likely find a way to connect it to your work as a developer. Here are a few areas that will undoubtedly provide lots of dynamic opportunities in the coming years.

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Online casino and gambling industry

There’s no doubt about the fact that industry is booming and is only going to continue to do so in the coming years. Currently, online casinos of all stripes are looking for software developers who are able to provide exquisite casino solutions that will outpace their competitors. An international market, if you check out casino games on the web in CA to India, you’ll find a wide variety of options all seeking to provide players with the best experience possible. There are already many casino games that are ready to be converted into a digital format and there remains plenty of room for imagination when it comes to developing the future of online gambling. Each casino platforms requires a unique interface that is both visually engaging and easy to use. Not to mention, security is number one when you’re asking people to put their money on the line, so there are plenty of angles from which to approach this one.


Speaking of security, online casinos are not the only industry with a strong demand for software developers who specialize in this field. Companies must continue to innovate new security features across the board if users are going to trust various kinds of technology going forward. Companies of all shapes and sizes are looking for ways to enhance their security guarantees and offer customers superior peace of mind when it comes to protecting their sensitive data. With the expansion of facial recognition and fingerprint scanning technologies, organizations are all eager to stay on the cutting edge when it comes to security they are able to offer.


This one might come as a surprise to some, but when you consider how the retail landscape has changed over the last decade, it is no wonder that many traditional retailers are scrambling to bolster their online presence. As they’re forced to compete with increasingly ubiquitous super sellers, some companies are looking to get their hands on talented developers to help them reimagine and design new ways of selling. Whether you’re a front or back-end developer, there are plenty of opportunities to take advantage of in the rapidly-changing retail environment.


For those developers eager to contribute to projects that they know are having a direct and positive impact society, the healthcare industry has much to offer. In the current context, there is a massive role and responsibility for software development to play in making healthcare more efficient, more accessible, and ultimately more effective. From developing clinical applications to the increased demand for various kinds of analytics and patient portals, the opportunities for contributions in this field are practically endless. Healthcare systems across the world have learned the importance of having electronic medical records and health data organized and available in a smart and systemic way. The need for innovation in this field is only going to grow stronger.

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